Life is too short to have Damaged hair

Summer is gone, winter is ahead, and it’s hard to avoid the dryness and damage caused by the changing weather. Taking care of hair all the time throughout the year is a very tedious taskeven morewhen everyone around you is giving you free and fake advice. Sadly, hair can be damaged very quickly and bringing the real texture of hair back on track is time taking task.

Keep your worries aside, because we have the option you can blindly rely on, no it’s not a chemical, nor it is a damage causing hair serum, Yes, it is a 100% organic onion hair oil produced from natural substances like Red onion,bhringraj, camphor, rosemary, Vitamin E, Hibiscus etc. all the ingredients are selected personally by our expert team.

Dry hairneedmoisture, whiletrulydamaged hairneedprotein, fulfilling both the needs at a time is not possible, but Aegte has created an Oil to accomplish both the needs. Aegte onion hair oil proofs to beexceptionally goodon your hair, it has potent properties to fight away damage, dryness, inflammation and infection all atone

We bring you the top 7 benefits of Aegte Onion hair oil, Let’s have a look:

  1. Onion, extractuseto make our oil stimulate hair growth, nourishes hair from the roots, minimize thinning of hair results in less breakage. It’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties fight away scalp infection and dandruff. It produces collage andpromotehair growth.


  1. Fenugreek seeds, blended in the oil isrichsource of protein hence, it nourishes hair andremovedryness, it is also rich in potassium, Zinc, selenium, magnesium and iron. It treats baldness, dryness, hair thinning etc.


  1. Rosemary, Rosemary stimulate the blood circulation inscalp, its counter hair loss and promotes hair growth, its anti-inflammatory propertieshelpsin scalp and hair nourishment. Its analgesic propertiesmake’sit suitable to heal chapped scalp.


  1. Camphor, mixed with oil boost hair growth, relieve stress, it also strengthens hair from the roots.


  1. Jojoba oil, moisturizescalp, it is the best remedy for dandruff treatment, it is rich in Vitamin C, E, B


  1. Hibiscus, control premature greying of hair,preventsplit ends,deepcondition hair, it isa goodanti-dandruff agent. Hibiscus control itching and scalp infection.


  1. Bhringraj, increase hair growth, it maintains naturalcolorof hair andsavehair fromdiscoloration.


While all the hair problem is equally important and need proper care, itbecomeeasy when you have Aegte Onion hair oil, above mentioned are few beauty benefits of our product, you can check more by personally using it. Do let us know by writing us what new you explored about our Onion Hair oil.

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