Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why your product is so costly?

Ans- we use premium extracts or ingredients for our product.

  • What age do you recommend using 24K GOLD vitamin C Serum?

Ans- after 15 years

  • Does your product have chemicals?

Ans- No

  • Can you ship this product internationally?

Ans- Yes

  • Do you take Guarantee if this product will work for me?

Ans- Our products are made of only natural ingredients though the results may vary from person to person.

  • Can I use your hair oil with any other Brand Shampoo?

Ans- Yes you can use; however, use only sulphate and paraben free shampoo.

  • How many times in a week should I use your Shampoo and Hair oil?

Ans- Twice a week for best results

  • How soon I should be able to see results for Hair fall?

Ans- In 2 washes

  • Do you refund if your hair oil does not work on me?

Ans- No refund policy

  • Does it help in regrow of my hair?

Ans- We have added all-natural ingredients which boosts healthy hair growth.

  • How can I be sure if this product is Authentic?

Ans- Our product is GMP certified and USDA certified

  • Is your packaging has changed?

Ans- Yes

  • Can I use your shampoo with any other brand hair conditioner?

Ans- We recommend not to use any Hair conditioner as we have added natural conditioners in this Shampoo but if your hair is chemical treated and need lot of nourishment then use Hair Mask instead

  • Can I become your reseller or distributor?

Ans- Kindly reach out to sales@aegte.in

  • Does 24kt gold serum has brightening effect?

Ans- Yes it has Gold dust so you will see instant glow and will help in reduce aging process.

  • 24k gold Vitamin C serum suitable for sensitive skin?

Ans- Kindly do the patch test if you have super sensitive skin.

  • Does your product have minerals?

Ans- NO