Aegte Night Care Routine Combo (Skin, Lip, Under Eye & Eye Brow and Lash Care)

Aegte Night Care Routine Combo (Skin, Lip, Under Eye & Eye Brow and Lash Care) Aegte

Aegte Night Care Routine Combo (Skin, Lip, Under Eye & Eye Brow and Lash Care)

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Aegte Night Care Routine Combo (Skin, Lip, Under Eye & Eye Brow and Lash Care)

During the night, your skin actually absorbs the nutrients in your products better than during the daytime. Hence it is important to follow a proper night skin care routine. Additionally, there aren't environmental stressors at night and products are able to penetrate better when you're not wearing makeup. This Kit is perfect to start off your might care routine today with Anti-Acne Gel, Dark Circle Remover, Cleansing Face Wash, Lip Serum & Eyelash Growth Serum. Level up your night skin care routine game!

Key Benefits


The Kit consists of products formulated with natural extracts derived from Mother Nature to maintain skin health, made with the highest standards of care, safety, and numerous clinical tests. It’s certified toxin & cruelty-free.


With all the goodness of nature and natural products, your skin won't be suffering from any side effects. The kit is suitable for all skin types providing long-term natural solutions to all your problems.

Pigmentation Correction Cream


Finding it hard to choose the right products for your skin? Not to worry because our trusted beauty destination has you covered. Our unique formulation is suitable for all ages, skin types and colors, and ethnicities.


Infused with a unique formula of rich natural constituents ensures to protect the skin from any irritation. The formula is made to suit all skin & hair types without showing any side effects. With this kit you can experience the results from the first use!

Key features

Deep cleansing face wash cleanses off dirt without making the skin dry and rough.

Anti-Acne Treatment Gel helps prevent acne, pimples & blemishes.

Under eye gel reduces puffy eyes & dark circles for a youthful looking skin.

Eyelash & eyebrow growth serum strengthens hair follicles for fuller looking lashes & brows.

Lip serum reduces the appearance of dark lips with extra plump & fuller lips.

A must night care routine kit that covers all your face skin concerns, from eyes to lips.



The products in this kit are fermented with organic, 100% vegan and chemical-free ingredients. It is a natural formula by Aegte which includes proven ingredients and essential oils for effective results. It is also free from paraben and phthalates.


Being animal lovers ourselves, we believe testing products on them is an inhumane act. Therefore, we are 100% cruelty-free and Vegan; always have been! Also, our products are non-toxic and harmless, leaving you with no side effects to worry about.

How to Use


Cleanse your face with Deep Cleansing Face Wash to get rid of impurities and dirt clogging the pores.


Apply the Anti-Acne Treatment Gel to soothe your acne bumps and prevent further skin irritation.


Gently massage with Aegte Under Eye Gel roller for 5 minutes to lighten dark circles and puffy eyes.


Brush your eyelashes and brows with Lash & Brow Growth Serum to add necessary nutrients it lacks off.



  • Natural ingredients may trigger colour change of the product but it ensures the same results and effectiveness.
  • A patch test is recommended before using any product regularly to prevent allergies or irritation.
  • In case of any negative effects, we encourage you to consult with appropriate professionals.
  • Pictures are solely for representation purpose only, actual product may vary.
  • To be stored in a cool or dry place.
  • Intended to be used only outside the body. Keep it away from pets.


Aegte Anti Acne Skin Perfection Gel

Aegte Anti Acne Treatment Gel for acne free and brightened skin, made with 100% Natural ingredients to make your skin Flawless and Healthy. It is infused with several botanical herbs and Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. It is a lightweight clear cooling gel enriched with skin clarifying and healing ingredients that work on 3 steps- Fading breakouts, Evens dark spots, and Active Cell Repair.

Aegte Under Eye Gel for Dark Circle, Wrinkles & Puffiness

Let your skin experience the magic of exotic herbs infused in Aegte’s under-eye aloe vera gel. It soothes your under-eye skin and helps improve your skin radiance without giving you any greasy feel. The aloevera-potato extract present in the eye gel works as a cleanser on your dark spots, acne and other impurities on your skin, while cucumber contains antioxidants that help reduce the fine lines and wrinkles making your skin glow and be brighter.

Aegte Deep Cleansing Face Wash

Aegte face cleanser is carefully infused with the natural powers of Cloves and Cinnamon. It effectively removes dirt without stripping your skin. It creates a cool tingle that leaves your face feeling squeaky clean. This face wash helps in getting rid of impurities and deeply cleanses your skin. Apply regularly and feel the magic!

Aegte Lip Plumper and Brightening Gloss

Aegte Lip Plumper & Brightening Gloss works on plumping up the Lips and brightens the dark lips. It adds shade of natural pink to the lips and makes lips plumper and healthy. Regular use will make Lips plump, shiny and pink. Cinnamon is a natural exfoliant for your lips; it reduces the dead skin cells and gives you lighter lips. You don't need the scrub action, you can apply Aegte Lip plumper directly to your lips and exfoliation is done.

Aegte Eye Brow & Lash Growth Serum

Aegte Eyebrow & Lash Growth Serum is made of precious herbs and essential oil which helps stimulate the growth of Eyelashes and gives adds a hint of black colour to it. It helps nourish the lashes from the roots and make sit stronger so that fat doesn’t fall because of makeup application or while removing process. You're just 1 swipe a day away from healthier, fuller-looking lashes and brows!


Manufactured by :

Aegte Anti Acne Skin Perfection Gel, Aegte Deep Cleansing Face Wash, Aegte Lip Plumper and Brightening Gloss, Aegte Eye Brow & Lash Growth Serum :

Chem Master Laboratories, 2/2, Shivaji Nagar Rd, Malwa Mill, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001

Aegte Under Eye Gel for Dark Circle, Wrinkles & Puffiness :

AG Industries, B-55, B Block, Sector 83, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201305

Marketed By :

Aegte Lifescience, B-16, Ground Floor, Infocity-1, Sec-34, Gurgaon - 122001

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