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Aegte Complete Hair Defense Detangling Conditioner 250ml for Wholesale

Aegte Complete Hair Defense Detangling Conditioner 250ml Aegte
Aegte Complete Hair Defense Detangling Conditioner 250ml Aegte
Aegte Complete Hair Defense Detangling Conditioner 250ml Aegte
Aegte Complete Hair Defense Detangling Conditioner 250ml Aegte
Aegte Complete Hair Defense Detangling Conditioner 250ml Aegte
Aegte Complete Hair Defense Detangling Conditioner 250ml Aegte

Aegte Complete Hair Defense Detangling Conditioner 250ml for Wholesale

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Aegte Complete Hair Defense Detangling Conditioner 250ml

Refresh your hair without stripping or depleting its natural oils and nutrients with this Aegte Complete Hair Defense Conditioner. This Conditioner is enriched with Red Onion, Fenugreek Seeds, Kalonji & Amla which is beneficial against hair fall and dandruff. Conditioner helps providing Silky, Smooth and Tangle free Hair & production of healthy skin cells and hair growth. Enriched with Fenugreek Seeds, Red Onion, Kalonji, Amla for dry and damaged hairs.

Key Benefits


What causes dry scalp? The reasons may be over washing or using a lot of hair products or change of weather. Red onion and Fenugreek Seed extract are known to prevent bacteria from causing dandruff in your hair. The presence of glycerin nourishes the hair.


Damaged hair gets tangled easily. The raised cuticles create more friction and grab onto other strands more aggressively. The presence of Amla extract and refined glycerin keeps the hair moisturised and tangle-free.


By nourishing and deep hair conditioning, the hair conditioner dispenses significant shine and lustre to the hair. It moistures every hair strand and prevents hair from being dry and frizzy. Deep conditioning helps in reducing split ends by smoothening, nourishing and rejuvenating the hair strands.


Chemical coloured hair, excessive combing, straightening, curling and applying gel makes hair weak. This hair conditioner protects hair from heat and unwanted chemical treatments by making a shield over the strands.


The main cause of dandruff is dry scalp and the growth of bacteria in the humid regions on the scalp. Sometimes they can worsen and promote itchiness to the concerned regions. One of the main concerns of our product is providing nourishment which further delays dryness if used regularly. And it also has antibacterial properties which prevents dandruff-causing bacteria.

Key features

It comes in a bottle weighing 250ml of the product.

The hair conditioner is 100% vegan and made out of natural derivatives.

Our product is free from harsh chemicals.

It is paraben and phthalate-free.

It is suitable for everyone.

Contains natural products: Red Onion, Fenugreek seeds, Kalonji, Amla.



Red onion induces hair growth, it nourishes hair and scalp and restores its nutrients. Onion minimizes the breakage and thinning of hair. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties fight away dandruff, scalp infection and greying of hair.


Fenugreek or Methi dana is rich in potassium, zinc, selenium, manganese and iron, it is a powerful antioxidant and strengthens hair. It also nourishes hair follicles and stimulates hair growth. It is high in protein and nicotine acid content which are beneficial against hair loss.


Also known as Black seeds, Kalonji is helpful in hair regrowth and is packed with amino acid, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds as well as minerals such as zinc and copper. Nutrients present in kalonji fight hair problems like scalp infection, thinning and breakage.


Amla is one of the oldest and most used ayurvedic remedies for everything be it, skin, eyes or hair. Amla is known as Indian gooseberry and it has a plethora of medicinal properties, it cures hair loss, premature greying of hair, strengthens hair, thickens hair, induces luster and shine in the hair.

How to Use

Take out an adequate amount of conditioner on your palm.

Apply it on wet hair.

Massage your hair for two to three minutes.

Wash off with normal water.



  • Natural ingredients may trigger colour change of the product but it ensures the same results and effectiveness.
  • A patch test is recommended before using any product regularly to prevent allergies or irritation.
  • In case of any negative effects, we encourage you to consult with appropriate professionals.
  • Pictures are solely for representation purpose only, actual product may vary.
  • To be stored in a cool or dry place.
  • Intended to be used only outside the body. Keep it away from pets.

Manufactured By:

AG Industries, B-55, B Block, Sector 83, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201305


Marketed By:

Aegte Lifescience, B-16, Ground Floor, Infocity-1, Sec-34, Gurgaon - 122001

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