5 Tips for a Good Hair Growth

Every woman is eager to know how to grow her hair thick and nice. No matter how long your hair is, you always want to know more tips for good hair growth. If you are trying to regrow the hair that you lost or simply trying to grow your current hair length, there are many tips for you. There's nothing uncommon for women to lose their hair because of pollution, exposure to heat, using chemical treatments or being indoors for too long. If you are serious about your hair growth, you must first find out what is causing the hair to fall. You must first scan the reasons for hair fall and then try to use the tips to improve your hair growth. Even with so many shampoos and other products in the market, there’s nothing like using homemade products for your hair growth. Before you read further about the tips, you must also analyse where it’s the stress that’s causing your hair to fall? It is the most common reason for hair fall hair damage. Here are some easy tips for you to bounce back with your hair and reduce the hair fall.

  1. Eating a Healthy Diet

One of the best tips for good hair growth is to have a balanced diet. The best source of nourishment for your hair is chicken, beans, fish, green vegetables and seeds. Even though shampoos and conditioners are necessary for your hair care routine, a good diet is one of the essentials to keep your hair healthy and fine. A lot of people spend money on buying the latest product to keep their hair healthy but end up ignoring the diet. Mostly your hair is made up of protein and requires protein in the diet to become soft and smooth and reduce hair fall. So, you must stop overindulging on hair products and focus on eating the right food.

  1. Give your Scalp a Massage

You must not ignore the power of a scalp massage. Heat some coconut oil and gently apply it on your scalp massaging in a circular direction. A good massage not only feels great but also stimulates blood circulation. A scalp massage also helps to strengthen the roots of the hair, making them stronger and healthier. Coconut Oil is a very versatile oil that is full of vitamins and other nutrients and is wonderful for your hair. You can either head to a salon for head oil massage or do it yourself at home. You will feel much more relaxed and nourished.

  1. Trim your Hair Regularly

You may think that it is ironic to what you are looking for, but trimming is necessary for hair growth. If you have damaged hair, split ends and other hair-related issues, it inhibits your hair growth. If you are aware of a good hairstylist, they would also recommend that you trim your hair at least once in four months if you have severe hair damage. When you regularly trim your hair, you will have lesser split ends and better hair growth. But, make sure you don’t cut your hair frequently or cut it too short!

  1. Avoid Washing Your Hair Every day

If you use a shampoo to wash your hair every day, you need to stop that! Most women think that washing their hair with a shampoo will nourish their hair. But that’s absolutely wrong! A shampoo hair wash is essential for hygiene and nourishment, but overdoing it could actually harm your hair. If you use shampoo every day, you lose out on your natural oils that actually nourish your hair. So, say not to wash your hair every day and stick to two or three times a week. Try to use a chemical-free shampoo and gently massage your scalp to improve the blood circulation in your roots. But, overdoing the shampoo could lead to dehydration and could extract the essential oils of your hair. You must also check the ingredients in the shampoo to avoid using harmful chemicals for the hair. You must avoid combing your hair when they are wet as they are the weakest and could pull out of the roots.

  1. Don’t Brush too Often

While some women believe that brushing too often is good for their hair, it is actually not. If you brush your hair too often, leads to hair fall and breakage. You must be gentle with your hair and not overdo the brushing. Some women also believe that not brushing the hair stimulates hair growth. But, the truth is that you must not go extreme. Brushing your hair promotes hair growth, massages the scalp and helps to spread the essential oils all over the length of your hair. You must buy a soft brush and be gentle on your hair. A hard brush is only going to lead to hair fall and breakage.

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