Welcoming you to Aegte - Hair and Skin Luxury where Pure Botanicals, Scientific Methodologies and Herbal Ingredients have been formulated to fashion Luxurious and Premium Products - Aegte - Hair & Skin Luxury!


Skin Care


It’s Time for you to say Goodbye to all your skin woes as we introduce you to our extensive Skin Care Products. Blemishes, Fine Lines, Pigmentation and Dullness are now just a One Step Away. Use our products routinely and fall in Love your Skin all over again!

Hair Care


Ditch all those expensive hair-care products and skip those visits to the Beauty Salon. Indulge and Pamper your Hair with Our premium and exceptional Hair Care Products which include Hair Oils, Shampoo, Conditioner and a lot more. Swear by these products and enjoy the unparalleled results on your Hair.



When we say we love you, we mean it and to make this love everlasting, we introduce seasonal and introductory offers throughout the year.



Abandon Chemical Based Products and Opt for the Naturally Formulated Ones. Indulge and pamper your Skin and Hair in the Next Generation Luxurious Organic Beauty Products crafted impeccably for flawless skin. Aegte's Premium Products are a true reflection of natural goodness of the Mother Earth. Nourish and Revivify your Skin and Hair for a Glorious version of your ownself. The Hair & Skin Luxury Range of Aegte shall ensure long-lasting wonders on your Hair and Skin because Beautiful Skin is the Best Foundation One Can Ever Wear. 

The Products are Naturally Effective with Fruitful Results and are Suitable for All Skin Types

The Hand-Picked Ingredients have been Reformed to provide Indelible Result on the Skin

These Vegan and Cruelty Free Products have been curated with Utmost Precision and Expertise

The Crystal Clear and Matchless Formulations from the Earth make the Finest of the Products