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Ask a perfume lover to recommend the best perfume and she will give a long list of her best collection. You will find that the list is mostly filled with Eau De Parfums, despite the fact that it's on the expensive side. But, the longevity an Eau De Parfum offers, no other stands anywhere close to it be it Cologne, Eau de Toilette, Deodorants or local perfumes. A pleasant odour can attract people towards you, on the contrary a bad stinking smell can repel others.

Having an Eau De Parfum for women in your wardrobe is an extra benefit to make you the centre of attraction during meetings, interviews, or blind dates. Most importantly, you will fall in love with yourself, with its enchanting scent. An Eau De Parfum strengthens your personality and keeps you on the top of the ladder.

best perfume for women

Using the best perfume for women can instantly enhance your overall appearance and smell. The proverb Smell Good, Feel Good is indeed for a reason. So make sure to drape yourself with a few drops of long-stay Eau De Parfum to makeup your look and feel fresh throughout the day. Among the huge range of scents, it is indeed confusing to find your own signature perfume. However, it might not suit your personality if it doesn't reflect your mood, or define YOU!

Whether you are a fan of citrus fragrance, a floral perfume scent or a sensual one, be rest assured you have number of optional to pick from leaving you all confused. However, we have found the answer of the best Eau De Parfum so that you aren't confused anymore. Let's hope into the 24 Hours Long Lasting Eau De Parfum from the Most Trusted Brand of India, Aegte.

Which is better Perfume Or Eau De Parfum?

When one spends a significant amount on its perfume collection, we expect the scent to last long till late at night. Just like the fragrance formulations of Deodrants with water-diluted and gas scent goes away in few hours. On the contrary, a higher alcohol-concentrated Eau De Parfum ensures to linger around until you go back home late at the night. It awakens your mood and makes you fresh even at the end of the day. Drape your squeaky clean showered body with the essence of your favourite perfume from the ladies perfume brands. Applying perfume after your shower allows the open pores to hold onto the scent longer.

Perfume oil is the most over priced but worth it ingredient that goes into women's fragrances. As a result, perfumes with a higher concentration retails for a higher price. The expensive trends goes down with Perfume, Eau De Parfum and Eau De Toilette. But, often the brand name adds up the cost of the perfume. However, you might find the exact same with long lasting scent from your nearby shop.

While you often might make a decision based on the price, but not all expensive things are worth it. Whether you’re going to be wearing your new perfume every day or just for special occasions, you’ll want something that suits your personality. It only makes sense that the fragrance should be the guiding factor when you’re choosing your perfume pick. You can choose as per the occasion like often people prefer the lightness of an eau de toilette, or might get entranced by the rich notes of a Eau De Parfum. Go for an offline perfume haul and smell a few samples before purchasing. Or, if you’re shopping online, go for the safest option like Eau De Parfum by checking your favourite notes.

eau de parfum

Which Brand's Eau De Parfum is Good to Use?

Here is to breaking the ice, the most affordable yet long-lasting Eau De Parfum is Aegte Slay Girl which features a stylist bottle and gives off a distinct aroma for every bearer, making the scent versatile for every bodies. Not to forget, it has been tested and approved that this  is one of the female perfumes which last longer than 24 hours. Formulated by the mesmerizing and refreshing dew drops of a foggy morning with aromatic citrus top notes of lemon, raspberry and peach to subtle base notes of vanilla, white musk and cashmeran. Aegte Slay Girl Eau De Parfum is crafted with elegance to celebrate femininity of the modern strong and bold woman.

Aegte Slay Girl is a perfect whisk of spicy notes and fresh florals, making it a perfect transitional Eau De Parfum throughout the year. Aegte has curated one of the premium quality female perfumes combined with the safest and cruelty-free raw materials for the women. It has the purest scent of long lasting oriental floral fragrance, that stays more than 24 hours is summers and winteds. It comes in a compact size, which you can carry in your bag anywhere. Apply just 2-3 sprays and you are all ready to head out for your day making you feel super fresh and energetic.

Recognized as one of the best female perfumes owing to its distinctive premium floral scent for every woman's unique sense of personality and fashion, defining the brand's mission and ambition to encourage and make women the forerunner of their lives in their individual journeys. Aegte Slay Girl Eau De Parfum is here to give a fashionable touch to your presence that makes it stay on the top of the ladder in premium perfume collection.



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