Best Way to Cure Chapped Lips

The issue of chapped lips is very common problem among most women in this world. More often than not, it is the weather and the nature of food consumed throughout the day that result in this. Lips can look even with the help of a suitable skin tint that uses natural ingredients such as beetroot. The tints act as bases for the areas where they’re applied and are still able to highlight unique features.

Compared to any BB or CC cream, a skin tint is a much thinner cream. Due to their light nature, they can be applied on the go since there is no need to look at mirrors. It is also ideal for skincare beginners who want the pores in their skins to breathe and for the days they still want to apply makeup despite high temperatures.

Use of Beetroot

Those who are having problems with their lips turning dark must use beetroot in a suitable form. Not only does the magic vegetable make lips smooth and soft, but it also showcases a perfect pink colour. The consumption of beetroot juice is an excellent idea as its bleaching properties are often used to moisturize lips. Similarly, the addition of milk and honey to beetroot juice will also lead to smooth lips. While milk and honey will result in hydration, beetroot will cause smoothness.

Stay Away From Chemicals

It is always a good idea to stay away from chemical products to apply on different areas of the skin. These chemicals can cause allergies and other reactions which could cause permanent skin damage. It is always a better idea to make use of natural ingredients such as beetroot and products that contain natural ingredients. As women use lip balms several times a day, it makes perfect sense for them to use products without chemicals.

Apart from beetroot, milk, and honey, some of the other ingredients that should ideally be present in lip and cheek tints are as follows:

  • Grape Seed Oil: It has a lot of Omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E to make the lips and cheeks glow. It is able to moisturize, lighten the tone, and also heal pimples, acne, and moles on the lips. It is also capable of treating black spots.
  • Tomato Extract: Tomato acts as an exfoliator to cure darkness, dryness, and chapped lips and cheek. Lycopene in tomatoes contain Vitamin C, giving it antioxidant properties that can treat damaged skin cells.
  • Vitamin A & E:Both these vitamins regulate blood flow and help in rapid regeneration of new skin cells. They keep the lips and cheek moisturized and soft for long.
  • Carrot Seed Oil:It contains anti-fungal properties to prevent corners of the lips from cracking and yeast infections. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties to keep the skin healthy. 

Aegte Product for Lips and Cheek

Aegte Organics makes beetroot lip and cheek tint that are completely natural and are commonly used by women. It is available in beet red colour and the steps to apply it will be available with the package.

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