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Why you need a Keratin Therapy for hairs? 

We know that you love your hair and heard about the Keratin therapy. But did you know what Keratin is all about? Let dive deeper into this. 

Keratin is a Fibrous Structural Protein 

Keratin belongs to the family of various fibrous structural proteins and it is a prime structural material to make up horns, hair, hooves, claws and external later of the human skin. Besides this, keratin is present in internal glands and organs. Even as a protective protein, keratin protects your epithelial cells from suffering any stress or damage. As keratin constitutes the structural building block of one’s hair, keratin treatment, its products and supplements may help in strengthening the hair and making it healthier than before.  

The Biochemistry of Keratin Proteins  

  • Based on hydrogen bonding or secondary structure, keratin protein may be of two different types i.e. alpha-keratin and beta-keratin proteins. Alpha-keratins remain present in the skin, hair and wool of mammals and they possess helical and fibrous structure.  
  • On the other side, beta-keratins comprise of polypeptide chains in the form of parallel sheets, while they take place in reptiles and birds.   
  • The composition of amino acid in keratin varies depending mainly on the specific tissue and its functions. Cysteine residues mainly have huge significance, as they link covalently by the help of disulfide bonds to form cystines and in turn, huge stability of keratin.  
  • Another strong reason to choose Keratin treatment for hair is that it is insoluble in cold or hot water, while remains free from the attack of proteolytic enzymes i.e. enzymes responsible to cleave protein molecules.  

How to get Keratin for You 

Keratin is a type of protein, which gives strength to our nails, hair and outer skin layer. Even though, it is not available in every type of food, one can boost keratin production by having specific foods rich in vitamins and protein, which include- 

  • Protein Rich Foods  

When you have protein rich food items, your body gets amino acids to prepare keratin. These include fish, meat, pork, chicken, eggs, yogurt and milk. In addition, you may have quinoa, nut butters, beans and nuts, as the best sources of plant protein. Most of the adults require two or three protein servings daily to fulfill your daily requirements.  

  • Sulfurous Foods  

Amino acids act as building blocks for the keratin protein, which consists of amino acids rich in sulfur, which bond together for the formation of strong chains. Hence, to get boost the keratin protein, you should select the food items containing dietary sulfur sources, like eggs, beans and meat. Even you may find sulfur-rich foods in many vegetables, like kale, onions, asparagus and brussel sprouts.  

  • Biotin-Rich Foods  

Biotin is responsible to metabolize amino acids to create keratin and is recommendable for strengthening nails and hair. Dietary biotin sources include whole grains, beans, nuts, mushrooms and cauliflower. Even you may find biotin foods in cooked eggs. 

  • Vitamin A Rich Foods  

Vitamin A is essential for the synthesis of keratin. Raw carrots, butternut squash, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes and pumpkin veggies, along with orange fruits are excellent dietary sources of vitamin A. Even you will get vitamin A from cooked green veggies, like collards, kale and spinach also provide you vitamin A.  

Keratin Supplement by Aegte Group  

We offer you an outstanding hair care product based on keralution therapy i.e. a unique solution to give benefits of both biotin and keratin. Aegte Keralution Hair mask enriched with Argan oil and biotin, is perfect to reconstruct your hairs being damaged due to chemical treatment.  

How Keralution Hair mask for Works 

Human hair consists of natural keratin, but it reduces as we start aging and because of different hairstyles and environmental factors. Over the time, you suffer from keratin deficiency, while makes your hair fizzy and reduces its shine. Positively, Keratin for hair is available with rich amino acids to boost your hair strength and make it highly elastic. Other than this, in some cases, one can manage his/her chemically damaged or over processed hair with our hair mask.  

Benefits of Keratin Treatment at a Glance  

  • Keratin treatment softens your hair and makes it manageable without touching your cortex.  
  • Keratin protein possesses amino acids to reduce frizziness of your hair and in turn avoid your hair’s split ends.  
  • One of the prime keratin treatment benefits is that you do not require spending hours for blow-dry of your hair, as keratin reduces your blow-drying and styling time.  
  • The treatment eliminates dullness from your hair by retaining the moisture content post treatment.  
  • Keratin treatment is helpful in removing bad chemicals from the water, which include shampoo residues and hard water.  
  • Keratin for hair never breaks your hair, while gives it a natural look.  

Now that you know a lot about how important keratin is, give your hair the best diet and keep them healthy.

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