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Eyes are sensitive and demand special attention especially when you want to engage in an intensive eye makeup session. To frame your eyes, create dramatic or gothic eyes, then having a kajal in your vanity is a must. It is the most essential eye makeup product that you must invest into. Choosing the right one as per your needs is equally important too.

Waterproof kajal gels are the need of the hour as women are always vigilant and hardly get the time to get ready before leaving the house. But one stroke of an intense black gel eyeliner cum kajal can completely change your tired early-morning look to a fresh & energizing look. Before bringing home the best kajal ensure to take a swatch and decide its worth of being in your eye makeup essential.

best Gel Eyeliner kajal eyeliner

What if we say, we have found a kajal that is also a Gel Eyeliner and can revamp your eyebrow makeup too? Aegte 3D Kajal a 3-in-1 package that can be used as a Kohl, Eyeliner and Eyebrow filler due to multi-purposeful formula blended with organic ingredients to ensure zero harm in the sensitive eyes. Its smooth consistency helps the kajal to glide easily and the intense black pigmentation creates a deep shade on the eyes, accentuating the overall look. This paraben-free kajal is compatible for lens wearers as well.


Often people stop using kajal as it irritates the water line and makes your eyes all watery that runs down to ruin your whole makeup. To avoid the mishap, makeup enthusiasts prefer eyeliner over kajal. However, Aegte has launched this revolutionary product that can frame your eyes perfectly but in a safe way without causing any harm or irritation to your eyes. The presence of ingredients derived directly from nature can calm and cool the eye area.

With the best Kajal Gel in hand, it's time to switch to organic kajals that are free of harmful and dangerous substances like lead, carbon, and beeswax. This waterproof 3D gel eyeliner will never irritate your eyes due to its beneficial ingredients like Almond & Castor Oil, Biotin that promotes fuller eyelashes and eyebrows as well. Your eyes will receive care as well as a flawless look from the combination of essential oils that makes it Long-Lasting, Smudgeproof & Waterproof. From the first use, it will too the queue of one of the best kajals you have ever used to redefine the beauty of your eyes. As much as it is ideal for all skin types, its super blendable consistency makes it a perfect eyebrow filler as well. The 3D Gel Kajal can help you achieve smokey eyes in seconds!


For a matte finish eye makeup kajal can help you succeed. Its precise applicator picks up the kajal infused with almond oil, improves vision and promotes the growth of eyelashes. An ayurvedic ingredient being used in the formulation of eye makeup to add sparkle. The creamy texture glides on smoothly. Almond oil protects eyes from harmful sunlight and irritations, making it deeply pigmented and gives a jet black colour.

Aegte 3D Gel Kajal


Known for its efficacy, 100% vegan Castor Oil is proven to be very healthy for the eyes. It is the richest form of Vitamin E that heals the eyes, gives fuller, dense and dark eyelashes and brows . One of the best benefits of having an organic 3-in-1 kajal gel is that it prevents stress from the eyesz by improving the overall functioning of the eyes.

kajal eyeliner


The presence of Biotin in 3D Gel Eyeliner makes it a rich source of vitamin B, ideal to be used as an EyeBrow Filler, Eyeliner & Kohl. It boosts eyelash growth and prevents hair loss by nourishing the hair follicles strand by strand. It improves the eyelash quality to prevent breakage and shedding, giving natural filler and blacker eyelashes and brows.

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Step 1 : Kajal or Kohl

Clean the eye area before applying the kajal gel. Draw a straight line along the lash line connecting your inner eye to the outer edge. Using your finger, gently pull down the lower eyelid while looking up and glide the smooth kajal at the lower lash line, giving your eyes a frame from the upper eyelids to the lower. For a blended smokey eye-look, you can pick a flat eyeshadow brush and blend the kajal on the upper lash line. Use a concealer for a precise finish.

kajal eyeliner

Step 2 : Eyeliner

Start with the middle of the upper lash line. Draw a line from the middle to the outer edge forming a triangle with the lower lash line to create a perfect wing! Use small strokes to connect your lash lines and fill in the gaps. For a dramatic look go for a longer wing and get ready for your party with a classic 90s winged eyeliner and red lipstick look.

kajal gel

Step 3 : Eyebrow Filler

Follow the natural shape of your eyebrows. Firstly, tweez the excess ingrown hair follicles by grooming it evenly on both the sides. Start filling with the middle arch point and faded spots. Fill in the patchy areas with the kajal gel. Use thin strokes to make it look like natural eyebrows. Pick an eyebrow brush to blend the filler evenly for a fuller and defined brows.

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How to Use Eyeliner Gel.

Applying water-proof liquid eyeliners can be a complicated task for a few beginners. That is where Gel eyeliner comes into the picture. It is designed to make your life easier. One of the main benefits of gel eyeliner is that it has a creamy consistency which dries out faster and does not smear or smudge for a fresh, effortless look all day long. 

The secret to applying Aegte Eyeliner Gel is to first get rid of dirt and oil so that you have a fresh canvas to work with. Gently wipe off with a makeup cleanser and get a flat head eyeliner brush to paint your eyes with the deep intense black gel eyeliner.

Start off by dipping the brush into the gel eyeliner. Gently pull the eye taut and hold the applicator at an angle with the other corner of the eye. Draw a base line stretching from the inner to the end corner of the eye. Change the angle of the brush so that it's parallel to the lower eyelash line and extend the line. Sketch a fine line with the gel eyeliner to create the illusion of an eye with a curved outline and a thick line in the center. Connect the extended line to the middle of the eyelids forming a triangle. You will see that perfect wing at the outer corner of your eyes. 

Step 1:  Apply the gel eyeliner to your middle part of the eye and extend it till about 3-4 centimeters. 
Step 2:  Make sure your lids are relaxed and open. Then, take up the tip of the gel liner's applicator with one hand and use it as a guide for drawing a traingle on your outer corner of the eye lid.  Use short, curving strokes.
Step 3:  To remove excess liner, wipe off with a tissue or use a sharp brush with a concealer for a precise wing. 

Wash off your brush in fresh lukewarm water & soap to remove the excess and make it ideal for the next use. Use an oil cleansing balm to remove all the makeup and dirt that had been built up throughout the day. This eliminates product residue stain on your skin and helps your skin and eyelashes relax in its natural state.

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