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Are you seriously tired of your skin or body dullness, Tanning or Dryness? Or are you wondering how other women have soft and shiny skin? So, my dear Lady, if you also want to achieve healthy skin then you are in the right place because we are going to explore everything about how to make your skin look flawless and radiant.

The secret to achieving spotless and matchless skin lies in Skin And Body Polishing. So keep reading and enjoy this article.



Before starting anything, read the above sentence. So do you also agree with this?

Obviously, Yes. We all know the importance of healthy skin but still, we are unable to take its proper care and nourish it with essential nutrients. But wait, if you are still ignoring your skin’s care then please STOP it and start Acting.


Our skin sheds dead skin cells which makes it dull and rough. The layer of dead skin hides the natural glow of the skin and that's why it needs to be removed. We should always scrub our body so that it is deeply exfoliated and stays healthy.

But, do not worry in this article we are going to share you a great body treatment method which will definitely be a Game Changer for your Skin. 

Nowadays Body Polishing is one of the most demanding treatments which enhances the natural beauty of your body and makes your skin soft and healthy. So let’s get ready to pamper your skin and body with a great beauty product which is Skin And Body Polishing.


What is Body Polishing?  

Body Polishing is a great way to achieve soft, supple and radiant skin. It is one of the popular magical body treatments which deeply exfoliates your skin and removes all your dead skin cells. It is a treatment for the entire body where step by step different packs will be applied. It is just like a facial for your body which helps to achieve desirable skin. 

The entire process helps to boost blood circulation which helps to regenerate skin cells and repair damaged skin. 

Why Body Polishing Oil is good for your Body? 

Body Polishing Oil is made up of various Natural Essential Oils like Olive oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, and many more. These oils have been used for thousands of years in the world of beauty.

They have anti-bacterial and detoxifying properties which improve your skin elasticity and brighten the skin’s complexion.


It also contains antioxidants which protect our skin from the harmful effects of sun rays and other skin damage.

  • Acts as Guard to protect your skin from the harmful effects of sun rays
  • They contain anti-oxidants which keep your skin healthy and glowing
  • They boost blood circulation and reduces skin inflammation
  • They have anti-fungal benefits that help the skin to be healthy and vigorous
  • Helps to reduce the unwanted signs of aging as it promotes youthful skin
  • Relaxes and Calms the Body and Mind 
  • Remove Blemishes and makes you Flaunt Spotless Skin

Is Body Polishing Good for Skin? 

If you are still in doubt and wondering the same question then trust us, it is 100% safe and very effective for your skin. This is a mixture of several natural ingredients and essential oils. It gives a wonderful result to your skin making it extraordinary and exemplary. It deeply cleanses, removes all the dirt and makes them soft and shiny.


What are the Benefits of Body Polishing? 

  • It deeply exfoliates our body, removes dead skin and makes it healthy and glowing.
  • It reduces dryness and maintains the moisture on the skin. 
  • Body Polishing promotes blood circulation and promotes new cell growth.
  • It is a great way to get rid of sun tan and brings out brightened and smooth skin.
  • It opens the pores of your skin and helps the skin to breathe.
  • It makes the skin hydrated and essentially moisturized.

How to do Body Polishing at Home?

Skin and Body Polishing at spas may be a little bit costly for you and if you want to do it at home then do not worry you can easily do body polishing at home. Body polishing at home will not only save your money but also it saves time. Also, the best thing is that you can do it at any time whenever you want.


For Body Polishing, you need some following Ingredients:

  • 3-4 tablespoons of Olive Oil.
  • Any Pumice Stone
  • Good quality of Skin and Body Polishing Oil 

How to Use:


  1. First of all, take a shower with warm as this step open up the pores present on your skin.
  2. Now take 3 tablespoons of olive oil and warm it up a bit.
  3. Massage your body with this warm olive oil for 10 minutes. This process will ensure that skin is hydrated and regulates blood flow.
  4. Now it is the time to take your Body Polishing Oil and gently massage on your body. Massage it properly to ensure that it shows effective results on your skin.
  5. Emphasize your areas like knees and elbows, the areas which are generally drier.
  6. Finally, take a bath to remove excess oil from your skin. It is also advised not to use soap.


Why Aegle's Skin and Body Polishing Oil?

Aegte Skin and Body Polishing Oil is 100% Natural and Organic Oil which is made up of KUMKUMADI OIL and blended with 10 other Botanical Oils like Saffron Oil, Olive Oil, Lemon Oil, Almond Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Argan oil, Turmeric Extract, Sandalwood Oil. 

If you are not aware of the benefits of Kumkumadi Oil then we are going to tell you why this oil is good for your skin.

Kumkumadi Oil is also known as Kumkumadi Tailam which is one of the most famous Ayurvedic ingredients that is widely used for skin care. It is used for skin lightening, dark circles, suntan, and other skin problems. It is also used to get rid of dry skin because this oil regulates oil production.


  • It effectively works as a Skin Lightening Ingredient
  • It Prevents the Formation and appearance of Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • It works against Hyperpigmentation making your skin naturally beautiful
  • Works in providing Proper Moisture to Dry Skin
  • It essentially evades Scars and Blemishes
  • It is used to Treat Acne and other Skin Problems



Hope this article will help you to understand all about Body Polishing Oil and why it is good for your skin and body. So use this Skin Treatment Method with a high-end Skin and Body Polishing that will give luxurious effects on your skin.

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