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Finding a solution to add some extra oomph to your beauty look? Then the answer would be to start with the lips! And for that matter, lip plumper gels can be applied whenever you want, for some plump and juicy lips in seconds! Be the glam girl of Instagram with thick & plump lips without any costly medical surgeries, treatments or injections. A cost-effective lip serum with glossy formula providing a quality shine finish.

Availability of uncountable lip serum in the market makes it difficult to choose the right one for you. A lip plumper should boost cracked, chapped lips and stimulate collagen, to reduce darkness and provide long-term volume while improving lip definition. It should be able to deal with pigmentation and darkness while nourishing, moisturizing and hydrating the lips. Further, it should aid in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth.

lip plumper

Every makeup enthusiast must have tried numerous lip serum oil from high branded to drugstore brands but would have stuck to the ones that showed effective results from the first use! It is not compulsory that only the expensive lip plumper would do the work, but it actually depends on if its constituents will suit your skin type to give more than expected results. The best lip plumper will not only give you fuller lips but also will lighten the pigmentation naturally for glossy pink lips.

What beneficial ingredients are important in a lip serum for dark lips?

Cinnamon Bark Oil

Cinnamon contains cassia oil which can make your lips fuller. It has a calming agent and does not harm your delicate lip membranes when used topically. Lip plumper formulated with cinnamon boosts blood circulation on your lips as cinnamon bark oil irritates your mucus membrane when applied to the lips, giving you that coveted picture-perfect pout. A lip lightening serum infused with Cinnamon oil can treat pigmented and dark lips as well.

lip plumper

Liquorice Extract

The accumulation of free radicals increases the production of melanin creating dark, patchy appearances on your skin known as hyperpigmentation. Lip plumper with Liquorice helps reduce pigmented dark spots, acne, and several other skin conditions. It prevents your skin from the harmful sun rays and helps in managing acne, discoloration, reducing dark spots, and more. Lip serum for dark lips without liquorice extract is ineffective in curing pigmentation. It may plump your lips but won't prevent discoloration.

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Carrot Seed Oil

Being a miracle ingredient, carrot seed oil is rich in antibacterial, antifungal, anti inflammatory, and antioxidant properties that helps to revitalize and reawaken lips' uneven complexion. Using a carrot seed oil lip plumper makes the lip firmer, fresher, and overall healthier with constant use. It is rich in carotene and vitamin A, which are both super-effective antioxidants. Lip lightening product paired with supremely moisturizing vitamin E and protective vitamin C, works together to help your lips appear fuller.

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Grapeseed Oil

Known for its high vitamin E content, grapeseed oil helps build, protect, and correct uneven lip skin complexion. Due to its high concentration of vitamin E and omega 6 fatty acids, grapeseed oil can improve your lip's appearance, moisturizing without making it dry or chapped. The presence of Grapeseed oil in a lip plumper serum increases collagen production, improves uneven skin tone, and prevents damage from free-radicals, making it potentially one of the most effective ingredients out there for a lip plumper.

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What makes Aegte Lip Plumper Serum the best in the market?

If you want to have a picture perfect pout but don’t want to deal with the overpriced and painful surgeries, treatments and lip fillers, then Aegte Lip Plumper is the natural solution. It is a complete 2-in-1 Lip Serum that works as a Lip Plumper and Lip Gloss too. Being loved by makeup enthusiasts claims it as a product that truly perfects their smile.

With a never-ending list of lip serum benefits, Aegte Lip Plumper Serum And Brightening Gloss ticks off all the checkboxes from being formulated with the most effective vegan and natural ingredients to curing chapped, dry, rough and blistered lips. Acting as the ultimate hydrating lip serum, it is a complete lip care essential package that not only moisturizes, plumps and gives an instant shine to lips but also effectively treats dark pigmented lips, bringing back the natural colour of the lip to the limelight.

Being 100% Vegan & Natural, this lip plumper can be liberally applied anytime, be it day or night, whenever you feel necessary. Simply take a small amount of the lip serum on your wand and then apply it just like a liquid lipstick following the lip line. A few seconds of tingling sensation and then you will see the change in your lips. The formula will smoothen out the flakes, make your lips glossy like never before and keep the shine intact for long hours while providing the necessary hydration and moisturization. One swipe of Aegte Lip Plumper Serum & Brightening Gloss for fuller and luscious pink lips!

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