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Beauty is not just confined to makeup and skincare. Being groomed with the essential products to match with our daily lifestyles is equally essential. Proper grooming is the foundation or base to enhance the features of topical makeup creams. Bad skin or poor hair health cannot work well even if you opt for various treatments because it's weaker from the roots. Similarly, smelling good is an important part of your grooming too. What if you look amazing, but smell bad? That's a pet peeve for many people! Hence, it is a must to invest in the best perfume to avoid being a laughing stock in the crowd.

The combination of essential oils extracted from various flowers and spices to produce a pleasant smell is named as Perfumes or Scents. With the increasing demand of Makeup, Hair & Skin-Care, the demand for female perfumes is soaring higher. Everybody wants a signature scent of their own, that makes them noticeable even in the crowd just as they pass by! The best perfume has a long lasting scent that lingers ok your body throughout the day and ensures to make heads turn.

top perfumes for women

How is Aegte Slay Girl one of the best luxury perfumes?

Inspired by the mesmerizing yet refreshing drizzle on a fine spring morning with enchanting spicy top notes of lemon, raspberry and peach to soothing base notes of vanilla, white musk and cashmeran. Aegte Slay Girl Eau de Parfum is designed to be a modern take on femininity that celebrates the contemporary strong and bold woman. Aegte has crafted this premium quality women's fragrance combined with the finest handpicked raw materials that makes this perfume special. Some of the perfume lovers call it ‘The Aegte Effect’, while the brand calls it “Slay Girl".

Being one of the top perfumes for women, it offers a long lasting oriental floral fragrance that stays more than 24 hours even on hot summer days. It is 100% cruelty free and is also travel friendly to fit in your bag. Two sprays and you are good to go for the whole day keeping you super fresh, active and lively. It is formulated in such a way that it gives off a unique pleasant scent for each wearer and suits every skin type without causing any irritation. Made with Safe, Toxin-Free for a unique aroma.


What is the difference between deodorants and perfume?

First of all, it is important to pick the type of scent you want to wear that can create a great impression, boost up your confidence and make you feel comfortable even in awkward situations. Almond refreshing, earth, woody, floral etc , you need to find the right one for you. All of these fragrances are available both in perfumes and deodorants. But, it depends from person to person who prefer which one as per their needs. Both are a great option so choose yours one wisely!

A distinct scent has the power to remind people of a memory or a person whenever they come across a familiar scent. It unlocks memories and hidden cards closed in the drawer. So, it is extremely important to smell good as it represents you as well. Be it on a date or at an office meeting, let people notice you by the perfume scent you are wearing! If you are no longer working from home and have been asked to work from the office regularly, then you must have been content searching for a long lasting perfume or deodorant that can stay with you throughout the day without getting embarrassed due to the body odour as the best perfume blends in evenly to match with the atmosphere around you!

With a plethora of options in the market claiming to be one of the best ladies perfume brands, making the right choice for you is difficult. The major difference between a deodorant and perfume is that Deodorants are basically more of a gas form and acts as a body mist to mask the awful odour. However perfumes are comparatively long lasting and are completely in a liquid form with different categories as per the alcohol percentage ranging from strongest scent to the lightest.

best perfume for women

Basically the most you must have heard of is Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette & Eau de Cologne. Eau de Parfum has the highest concentration of alcohol and fragrance making it the most long lasting, often going more than 24 hours in just 2-3 sprays at nerve points. Whereas, Toilette has comparatively lesser concentration lasting 4-5 hours maximum and lastly comes Cologne which is more like deodorant and lasts for 2-3 hours. A deodorant often helps in controlling sweat due to its antiperspirant properties however perfume defines a person's personality by creating a unique aura.

How to make perfume last longer than 24 hours ?

  • Step 1 : Go for a shower and clean up your body, free from all odour. Pat dry your body with a towel before applying the fragrance perfume.
  • Step 2 : A quick trick to make your perfume last longer is using a fragrance-free body moisturizer. Moisturized skin keeps the fragrance better. Alternatively, you can also use petroleum jelly or Vaseline on pulse points.
  • Step 3 : Choose the right pulse points like neck, behind the ear, wrists, behind the knees, etc. As they are the warm points of our body that helps in blending the scent all over the body.
  • Step 4 : Most importantly, Do Not rub your wrists after applying the perfume, either tap them lightly or let it air dry because rubbing might lose the essence of top notes.
  • Step 5 : You must have seen at any offline perfume stores, how they apply perfume from a distance. Indeed, that's for a reason. Always spray it 5-6 inches away to spread the perfume on a broader area.
  • Step 6 : Along with your skin, making sure our hair smells especially when it has been 3-4 days of shampooing. A quick spray of your perfume on your comb and gently brushing your hair with the same comb can shoo away all the smell in seconds.

    Gift yourself the best perfume for women that has spicy top notes of citrus fruits and refreshing base notes of vanilla, white musk and cashmeran masked with flowers of Gardenia & Jasmine. Immerse in the most Premium Luxury Aegte Slay Girl Eau De Parfum that will stay put on your body for the entire day even after you return home from a hectic office day, while keeping you fresh and relaxed. It maintains a positive aroma that makes people ask you about the scent you are wearing!


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