Welcoming you to Aegte, Hair and Skin Luxury where Natural Botanicals and Scientific Research materialize to be the reason for your Beauty. Aegte lays a foundation to comprehend the potential in the natural ingredients when amalgamated with Beauty Products. Aegte presents its myriad range of Skin and Hair Care Essentials for everyone to reap the Nature-Grown Skin and Hair Care Products.

Our Story

Aegte Lifesciences is the brainchild of Rupali Sharma (me) and my husband Dhiren Sharma.The story of Aegte began when I just had my second child and was suffering from a bad case of hair fall. I used a homemade hair care remedy made with onions given by my grandmother and was thoroughly impressed with the quick and effective results. It was then when I decided to channel the power of ayurvedic & natural remedies for the greater good. I started Aegte with my husband with the aim of bringing highly effective natural formulations and providing luxurious skin and hair care for people at large. We chose the name ‘Aegte’ as it is a Danish word that means ‘authentic’. We started with just one product, now Aegte has a collection of 28 natural & premium products & is trusted by as many as 5 lakh customers across India!

Our Aim

Our aim is to combine the best of nature and the power of science to create an extensive range of chemical-free skin and hair care products. We believe that in the land of Ayurveda, where nature has been entrusted with personal care for centuries, each person should have easy access to natural and organic formulations. We strive to discover and understand as much as possible about potent ingredients from nature to create blends that can enhance the beauty of our customers.

Our Promise

We know that there is no dearth of chemical-based products in the market. We also know that people have not yet developed the habit of checking the ingredients label before buying a skin or hair care product. With Aegte, it is our promise to deliver formulations made with natural and organic ingredients minus any harmful chemicals. We put painstaking efforts in ensuring the quality of our products. We respect mother nature and her gifts and don’t believe in diluting her abilities with chemicals!