About us

Welcoming you to Aegte, Hair and Skin Luxury where Natural Botanicals and Scientific Research materialize to be the reason for your Beauty. Aegte lays a foundation to comprehend the potential in the natural ingredients when amalgamated with Beauty Products. Aegte presents its myriad range of Skin and Hair Care Essentials for everyone to reap the Nature-Grown Skin and Hair Care Products.


Sourcing the Origins of the Brand                


The roots of the brand can be traced to how the Founder, Rupali Sharma was always intrigued  by the cures given by her Grandmothers. She was always curious to see that the natural fixes  and home remedies miraculously and instantly healed her skin problems. She always knew that  the best make over one can get is through the natural clarification and brightening with sheer  elements of the Earth.

Her fascination, liking and inclination towards mingling the Natural Ingredients to that into the Natural Products kept growing with her meticulous research and study in the field. She always explored for greater horizons and came with innovative products. Her novel inventions and innovations a name and called it Aegte. Aegte is a Danish word which means “Authentic”.

She came up with this name to market her products whih are synonyms to them being Genuine, Real and Original. The products have been formulated with the botanical ingredients for an effective and everlasting experience.


Our Products

Being a true admirer of Nature, we believe women always deserve the finest and purest products to reinstate and revivify their beauty and radiance. To successfully achieve this, our team personally picks up the ingredients used in the products. These ingredients then undergo strict steps to pass the parameters for their further advancements and improvements.

Ditching chemicals on your skin and hair is the best we can do and this is why our Hair and Skin care Ranges have been enriched with ingredients like Red Onion, Bhringraj, Amla, 24-Carat Gold, Fruit Extracts, Saffron, Sandalwood, Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, Cucumber Extracts, Vitamin C, Grapefruit and a lot more.

The goodness and enriching benefits of natural products have deep nourishing, revitalizing and stimulating paybacks on the skin. Also, all the products are an assemblage of cruelty-free skin care, hair care and beauty products which have been curated organically with no sort of chemicals.

The Aegte’s premium products have been fashioned for providing the best and effective skin resolution for its customers. So does your skin needs some pampering.

Go Brace your Skin and Hair with Aegte’s Luxurious Products!