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Accomplishing the makeup base is an essential part when it comes to facial makeup. One can only achieve this by picking out the best HD foundation. Influencers and Beauty enthusiasts are smitten with the new raging word 'Non-comedogenic', meaning makeup formulas that won't clog pores, leading to fewer breakouts. A foundation that doesn't clog pores, provides great coverage, and addresses several other skin issues, is definitely hard to find.

Makeup experts claim that a liquid foundation is capable of unifying tone without disrupting the individuality of the actual skin. Get your hands on an HD foundation for a flawless base that elevates your makeup look with an airbrushed technique. It should be loaded with skin-friendly ingredients like Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid to not only keep your makeup flawless but also address your skin woes. When you create a makeup base, you want to ensure a clean base for the rest of your whole glam look. Without a good base, powders often turn cakey, patchy, or won't even last long till night.

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The best liquid foundation provides an even skin tone to aid the rest of your makeup products to look better and last longer. However, one should be careful when choosing among the various shades of a single product, a small mistake in the shade can worsen your whole makeup. However, we know the hassle of choosing that perfect foundation, so we have hunted down the best in the market. It gives a natural matte finish and covers up dark spots and blemishes with its full coverage formula. 

What is the difference between Foundation and Concealer?

Though both foundation and concealer are capable of covering your facial problem areas, there is still a lot of difference lies between the two. Both are experts in hiding dark spots, under-eye bags, dark circles, acne spots, and marks, but both have different purposes in a makeup routine. If you are a newbie, this confusion is a given. Hence, we are here to clear out your doubts and give a clear picture of the two makeup essentials.

Concealer is self-explanatory through its name. Its primary job is to conceal, covering up the problem areas like dark circles, acne scars, and blemishes. It is more of a spot treatment. Usually, concealers provide medium to full coverage and are often applied after applying the foundation. In contrast, the foundation is not just a spot treatment or color corrector like a concealer. It is more like a base for your makeup to be applied all over the face to set an even base. One cannot start with a glam look without applying foundation, which is crucial for long-lasting makeup.

Aegte Liquid Foundation has been winning over the internet with its non-comedogenic, full coverage, and ultra-lightweight consistency. This liquid foundation with SPF 25 conceals imperfections like blemishes, skin discoloration, or pigmentation like a dream while protecting the skin from harmful skin rays. It leaves a matte finish that blurs skin texture while providing a perfect base for products such as highlighter, blush, and bronzer to accentuate facial features at their best. Many reviewers have sworn this foundation remains intact all day and even when you're at a long night dance party.

Ultra HD Foundation

How Long-Lasting Is Aegte Glass Skin HD Foundation + Concealer?

When selecting an Ultra HD foundation for everyday use, there's one crucial non-negotiable characteristic, i.e., its longevity. There's no point in investing in a base formula that will dry out your skin, crack, or turn cakey after an hour or two. Luckily, with the emerging trend of 'Skincare With Makeup', beauty brands like Aegte are auscultating that the users intend towards long-wear makeup formulas that won't clog pores or cause breakouts. It must fulfill both the needs of the skin and makeup.

Thankfully, Aegte has formulated a base makeup option- Glass Skin HD Foundation + Concealer, which won't disappear with sweat, and your makeup will look just as fresh as it was from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. This means no more frequent touchups, which turns the makeup cakey and forms creases under the eyes or on the smile lines. A good, dependable HD full coverage foundation is great at hiding blemishes with an easily blendable formula and capable of lasting till your night working hours. With a buildable coverage, natural skin-like finish, and availability in 3 common Indian skin tone shades, Aegte Glass Skin HD Foundation has become the best HD Liquid foundation with 24Hrs long-stay formula.

How To Use Concealer And Foundation For A Glam Makeup Look?

Always start your makeup with a Primer and Moisturizer, then proceed with an HD makeup foundation to create a solid base for your complete makeup look. A Water-proof and Sweat-proof formulated foundation can even out the skin tone, reduce skin discoloration, and cover up blemishes. Use a blender or foundation brush and dab it gently all over the face and neck for a natural skin-like finish. After the foundation, one must use concealer to cover the prominent dark circles.

Ideally, a concealer palette should always be a shade or two lighter than the natural skin tone for a snatched and lifted face shape. Whether you have a stick, liquid, or powder concealer formula, make sure you pick less quantity of the concealer and then blend it evenly while looking upwards to avoid under-eye creases. A quick trick is applying small dots under the eyes and gently dabbing them over dark spots on the face. Use a makeup sponge or concealer brush and dab it all around evenly. Set the complete look with a loose powder or Makeup Fixer Spray at the end for a long-lasting effect.

Glass skin hd Foundation

Instead of following two steps of Foundation and Concealer, Aegte Glass Skin HD Foundation + Concealer does the complete job at once. As we know, when it comes to makeup and skincare, 'Less is More'. Believing that, Aegte, a 100% Vegan & Natural brand, has formulated this unique multi-purposeful 2-in-1 HD Foundation & Concealer, which provides full coverage while concealing dark circles, acne marks, and spots. The presence of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C helps nourish the skin, and the non-comedogenic also addresses the concerns regarding clogged pores. With SPF 25 Protection, this Aegte Foundation has become a power-packed foundation in the market. Fall in love with your makeup look by laying your hands on the HD Makeup Foundation + Concealer by Aegte, which promises to bring envy-worthy radiance at an affordable range.

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