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Pimples, acne spots, blemishes or zits are one of the most hated skin problems that take weeks or often months to go away. Following a proper anti-acne skincare routine can aid in fading ways those scars naturally. However, what about when we have to go out for important occasions, parties or dates? Nobody wants to show their skin flaws at such events. Concealer Makeup comes to your rescue. With proper makeup products and blending techniques, you can easily conceal the marks and flaunt radiant, flawless glowing skin.

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The best concealer makeup acts as your go-to camouflage, whether you’re dealing with one stubborn pimple or acne breakouts. But note that makeup gives a temporary result but for permanent ones you need consultation and the right skin care routine for your condition. Also, dermatologists suggest to use makeup only when required over a breakout, because often formulas of chemical infused makeup potentially make acne worse. Makeup are meant to clog pores except non-comedogenic formulas. Hence, Skin Specialists recommend using makeup products that also offers skin care benefits.

What Products Do You Need To Conceal Acne Spots?

Investing in a product without any mindful research can affect your skin in the longer run. As we know, applying makeup daily is also one of the reasons why our skin suffers and breaks out often. Always avoid comedogenic formulated foundation concealer as they intend to clog pores and result in severe acne breakouts, pimples or zits. Look for Skin-loving ingredients like Vitamin C&E, Hyaluronic Acid, Probiotics that are proven to aid in healing skin woes.

Here are the top key products you need to hide away your pimples or zits on important occasions seamlessly:


Primers are essential to form the perfect base by creating a barrier between the skin and foundation. It reduces the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles, hides open pores, and evens out the skin tone and acne spots. It also controls the oil production, prevents the foundation from cracking and ensures long-lasting makeup. Aegte 3D Lumi Strobe Cream works as Primer, Moisturizer and Highlighter and is infused with Probiotics that helps in boosting skin Immunity. If you’ve oily skin or combination skin then Primers and an HD foundation for oily skin are a must-have. It removes any excess oil on the surface and also prevents the pores from producing any more oil as long as you are wearing it. This allows makeup to stay matte and oil-free for longer period.

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Concealer + Foundation

You can get many more benefits with a quality HD foundation waterproof formula, other than just coverage. Aegte Glass Skin HD Foundation + Concealer prevents skin damage and premature aging caused by over exposure to sun. It has SPF 25 providing natural sun protection, using oxides to protect the skin against UVA and UVB rays. It seamlessly covers skin blemishes, provides a smooth matte finish and a healthy glow. Vitamin C actively improves the underlying skin tone, increasing natural radiant glow.

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The 2-in-1 Foundation & Concealer with Non-comedogenic formula is more than just a cosmetic product. It has Hyaluronic Acid which aids in improving skin health, hydrating skin especially in winters. It also has a Waterproof & Smudge proof formula with lightweight consistency and Full HD coverage. Its a perfect replacement for Concealer as it blends into the skin easily whole covering up dark spots, acne breakouts and blemishes. It provides an effective barrier to stop pathogens and pollutants to reside on the skin’s surface. This helps to reduce the radical damage and slows down the aging process.

Aegte has formulated 3 HD Foundation Shades available for all Indian skin tones. As a cream concealer, it blends smoothly even under the eyes and smile lines without cracking. It evens out the skin complexion and naturally brightens the skin tone instantly while providing 360° protection from the sun with SPF 25. It ensures to not clog the pores while preventing more breakout and covering up the existing ones in just one Swatch.

Setting Powder

A compact powder sets all the previous layers of makeup products including color corrector, concealer and foundation. It is used to give a light coverage and hold the makeup for long hours with a perfect matte finish. It absorbs the excess oil and sweat. With Sweatproof and Waterproof formula, Aegte 24 Hr Stay 3 in 1 Dab and Fab Matte Compact Powder comes in 3 shades and is formulated with Vitamin C to lighten the skin tone and impart natural glow. This also acts as a concealer for dark circles by setting the foundation intact, preventing crease. The presence of Rice Granules blends seamlessly and provides a natural matte finish to block our dark circles, spots, acne breakouts, zits and pimples.

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How To Apply Makeup Products to Hide Acne Spots?

Always clean your skin with a gentle cleanser before applying makeup like foundation or face concealer. Any over the counter or topical treatments are advised to be applied before any sunscreen or makeup—first comes Skin-Care always! Ensure to cleanse active or inflamed spots too, but with extra care to avoid popping out or rubbing the active acne. Dry the skin with a clean towel by slowing dabbing all over the face. Along with the face, clean the hands, makeup brushes and beauty blender or makeup sponge to avoid introducing bacteria into already inflamed, irritated acne or pores.

Step-1: Take a pea-sized amount of Primer to cleanly washes hands or beauty blender. Use your fingers or sponge to blend the primer evenly all over the face and neck while avoiding sensitive areas like eyes. Let it set for a few minutes before proceeding with HD Foundation for bridal or daily use.

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Step-2: If you have severe dark spots, then you might need a color corrector too. Go as per the undertone of your skin. Put small dots on each spots or scars with a color corrector under eye concealer. Use a clean brush or finger and gently dab the concealer until it's spread evenly. Do not rub the color corrector into your skin or over the pimple as it may worsen the condition more.

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Step-3: Dot the areas that need extra coverage with the best under eye concealer. Cover up the color corrector with the right skin toned concealer and blend it evenly to completely cover up the dark and pigmented spots for Flawless and Spotless makeup.

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Step-4: Take a coin sized amount of full coverage HD Foundation that also works as the best concealer for dry skin, oily, combination or sensitive skin. Like, Aegte Glass Skin HD Foundation + Concealer blends easily with clean fingers, a sponge, or brush. You do not have to apply several layers, just one application of this foundation can cover your spots, blemishes, acne, etc.

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Step-5: Lastly, complete the look with a mattifying powder that will set your makeup and ensure it goes throughout the day without budging off! Like, Aegte Dab & Fab Compact Powder which also acts as a best concealer for oily skin due to the presence of Vitamin C and Rice Starch. Dab it gently under the eyes and especially on the T zone of the face to prevent sebum production and lock the makeup for hours.
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