Take it from Recognized Makeup Artists: a best-in-quality setting powder is an investment and a must-have in any makeup vanity, especially if you live in a country like India where the summer heat and humidity can ruin a makeup look before even you head out for the party. Using a makeup fixer along with Setting Powder is one of the most quintessential steps of your makeup routine. When the base is strong and the makeup is all set with longevity, the chances of quick touch ups every now and then reduces gradually. 

If you prefer a dewy look over matte ones, then also the setting powder plays an important role if applied strategically, only in the T-zones to cover up the extra oil shine and keep your makeup intact. Oil absorption and longevity might be the primary role of a loose powder, but there is more to it. Setting powder not only locks your makeup but also gives a rich 'finish' to the complete look, making your skin smoother and poreless.

How to Use Setting Powder Under Eyes?

Always believe in 'Less is More' while applying a loose powder on your face. Proper application preferably on the T-Zones like the Forehead, Nose, Chin, and Mouth Corners can reduce the excess shin or oil breakthrough making your face look full of pores and texture. Get ready to reduce the shiny T-zone once and for all and increase your makeup’s staying power? Pick a few makeup tools and a light dusting of matte-finish loose powder to achieve a flawless finish that lasts long.

  • Step 1: Pick your Favourite Face Powder

Start your normal makeup routine with liquid-based products and once all done finish it off with a setting powder and a setting spray to increase the longevity of your makeup look. Get rid of those frequent touch-ups with one of the most recommended setting powders, Aegte 2-in-1 Dab & Fab Compact Powder. Whether you’re blending your concealer, converting under-eye dark circles, or setting your finished makeup look, this lightweight translucent powder can check out all your requirements in just a few pats. Even better, it will leave you with a soft-even complexion skin tone.

Once you’ve chosen your setting powder makeup,, you’ll need to start looking for a perfect applicator—fluffy powder brush, blender or triangular powder puff. A most-common one is a dome-shaped brush head that gives you an easy application, depositing the powder on your face evenly, despite your dull and tired black eyes in the morning. Additionally, it is 100% cruelty-free, eco-friendly, vegan, and made with natural result-oriented ingredients.

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  • Step 2: Tricks of Application

Set your T-zone and get it prep fast to end it with the best loose powder. If you have oily skin, you might need a light dusting of the translucent powder to your oil-prone areas. A quick pat-pat over your T-zones like nose, forehead, and the top of your chin will keep your favorite makeup products in place, no matter how much the temperature rises. It ensures to get rid of excess oil seeping through your makeup and giving an appearance of big large pores.

For mornings when you have spent your last night binging on Netflix, the loose powder use its effectiveness to mask your tired under-eye dark circles. Post applying a liquid under-eye concealer, foundation, and face concealer, cease the look with a generous coating of setting powder over it. Swirl your brush or blender into the powder, tap out the excess in case of loose powder. The key to a look that exclaims 'So refreshed and brightened face' is patience. Allow three to five minutes for the best loose powder to set before proceeding to the next step. 

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  • Step 3: End the look with a Final Dusting

After you’ve completed your eye makeup with eyeshadow, liner & kajal and topped off your cheekbones with a highlighter, take the brush with the leftover amount of the loose powder for oily skin and dust it all-over your face with a few light strokes. It will make your face look neutral to avoid the powder settling into fine lines, looking cakey. Keep your eyes closed or look upwards while applying it under your eyes and don't laugh or smile for at least three to five minutes to prevent creasing as the loose powder sets to mattify your complexion. Make sure to follow a proper skincare routine before stepping into makeup, like moisturizer to ensure your skin is hydrated and nourished property for a crease-free finish!

When to apply Setting Powder

Before or After foundation : When to apply Setting Powder ?

A makeup enthusiast will know nothings' worse than your face makeup melting off. If you’ve followed all the rules and steps of how to apply a foundation to the T, you may be wondering where is the flaw? The truth is, you can fix it by tweaking your makeup routine a bit and applying the loose powder before foundation. This might be unconventional, but many artists have recommended the benefits of applying the setting powder before foundation. It can act as a shield to keep your face makeup in place. No wonder applying loose powder before foundation has become a major Tik Tok makeup trick. Although, it completely depends on the needs and preference. Applying loose powder works effectively in both ways, i.e., before or after the foundation.

Setting powder application before the foundation works significantly well for oily skin, providing perfect matte and long-lasting finish by absorbing excess oil production. A quick trick, if you are looking for long-lasting makeup throughout the day, especially on heated and sunny days. You won’t have to worry about the hassle for quick touch-ups everywhere. If you have super dry skin, this process is not recommended and we would suggest staying away from this method. Alternatively, you can opt for a loose powder for dry skin to avoid the mishap. The loose powder will fill in the pores and lines for a smooth finish, making your skin a true canvas for foundation. 

Which is the Best Setting Powder in India?

From giving oily, sensitive, combination or dry skin a flawless matte finish to smoothen out fine lines and ensure a crease-free under-eye makeup, setting powder is a must-have beauty product you need in your makeup stash. Makeup artists and beauty-editor favorites, have bid goodbye to crease and oily looks, thanks to the revolutionary Aegte 2-in-1 Dab & Fab Compact Powder. With the formula of Anti-Pollution and SPF 15+++, provides you the benefits of both Concealer and Makeup Setter. It features a sweat control formula that reduces secretion of excess oil and keeps your skin matte for 24 hours. It hydrates the skin and protects it from both sunrays & pollution throughout the whole day, leaving a supple and plump look. The presence of Vitamin C, Rice starch and Talc are proven to brighten the skin tone, while concealing dark spots and setting the makeup with its full coverage and matte finish finish.

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