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Setting powder is an underrated step in a makeup routine. It is an essential step as it sets your makeup completely and ensures a long lasting dewy glow throughout the day. It gives justice to its name— 'Setting', meaning it provides a long lasting flawless base while absorbing excess oil. Setting powder also reduces extra oily shine by giving your face a matte finish. It belongs to the family of face powder makeup infused with ingredients like talc and silica to keep liquid makeup products, such as foundation and creams in place, without ruining your whole makeup. It minimizes the appearance of excess oil on the skin, providing a smooth matte finish look.

Setting powder comes usually in a loose powder or a pressed powder form. It can be translucent or tinted to suit every skin tone. A basic rule when you are working with a setting powder is fusing 'liquid' or 'wet' makeup products under the layer of 'dry' loose setting powder. Layering it properly as per its consistency can help you achieve the snatches matte look without being cakey or over done. However, not everyone is an expert in using a loose setting powder, specifically after foundation. Well, we have all the tips and tricks you are looking for to get a flawless makeup look.

setting powder makeup

How to Use Loose Setting Powder?

Traditionally, makeup artists or enthusiasts have been applying translucent powder all over the face. However, today in this era of fresh, dewy and snatched look, the setting powder makeup is a not-to-be missed step. Also, the placement from all over the face has shifted to the bridge of the nose, lower chin, or anywhere that tends to release oil, or where you want the makeup to last longer. Follow these steps to achieve smooth mattifying look in minutes :

Step 1: 

Cleanse and hydrate your face with a moisturizer. Apply all your liquid formulas like foundation and concealer and spread it evenly to cover up the dark spots.

Step 2:

Take an ample amount of the best loose powder onto a lid. Using a fluffy powder brush or triangular puff, swirl it into the powder, remove the excess by tapping twice and then dab it under your eyes, sides of your nose, a little bit on your chin and forehead.

Step 3 :

Keep it for minutes to completely set into your skin and then buff away the excess from your face in circular motions. Make sure to cover up your T-zone, under-eye area, and under your cheekbones with the loose powder for oily skin.

Step 4 :

Apply a final coating of the setting powder, if required. Then proceed with the rest of your makeup, including eyeshadow, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, contour. Once all done, set the whole look with a fluffy powder brush.

What is the Difference between Loose Powder and Compact Powder?

When you live in a country with humid and sunny climate conditions, you will always find a compact powder in a woman's bag. Such weather conditions definitely make your skin look super oily and dull. Face powders are a saviour, especially for oily skin types. However, there are plenty of options— HD powder, loose, tinted, setting powder, compact, and many more. We have summed up a few points to avoid the hassle for you to research on what's the best pick for you!

The main visible difference among the beseller Compact and Loose Powder is packaging, although both give the same results. Compact powders are pressed in a bar container whereas the loose powder comes in a small jar or tub. Loose Powders have tiny dry particles which makes it a hassle to carry around as you need a proper setup to blend the same. However, it gives you a luminous and even finish for a complete professional makeup look. Its silky texture helps in a matte and smooth look with a light coverage.

Compact or pressed powders usually have active ingredients that moulds it into a semi-solid form, easier to carry and blend on the go. It has slightly a thick consistency compared to loose powders. One should avoid overusing compact powders in one go as it may make your face look cakey. When you want to get rid of excess oil on the T zone and get a fresh look, compact powders are your BFF! It is portable and you can get a quick touch up anywhere, anytime! Due to its thick consistency, compact powders conceals blemishes and makes skin even-toned. Often it is preferred over BB Cream or foundation for a full coverage makeup look.

Can I Use Loose Powder Daily?

Loose powder comes with many benefits, if you use it skillfully and in moderation. It provides a light, natural look, with an additional benefit of absorbing excess skin oil. Face powder features a sweat-resistant formula and thus, ensures long lasting makeup than liquid makeup. Whichever product you use, it should be used in moderation to get the best results. Loose powder can be drying to skin, especially if you already have a dry skin type. Hence, it is advised to get your hands on loose powder for dry skin as its formula will hydrate your skin without stripping off moisture, while keeping the makeup flawless.

setting powder

Which is the Best Brand for Face Powder?

Opting for the best compact or loose powder for oily skin can absorb the excess sebum to prevent messy makeup especially in summers. Loose powder with the formula of SPF 15+++ & Anti-pollution is definitely a must have for your makeup and skin care! It prevents sweat, suntan and harmful toxic pollutants from causing damage on your skin. Aegte 3-in-1 Dab & Fab Powder has ticked off all the checkboxes, that works both as a Concealer & Makeup Setter. It blends with every skin type including dry, oily or combination skin for a matte and smooth makeup. It evens the skin tone, concealing spots, acne scars, pimples & blemishes.

Aegte 24Hr Stay 3-in-1 Dab & Fab infused with Vitamin C, Rice Starch and Talc has become a breakthrough face powder due to its natural and chemical-free formulation that suits all skin types. It has both the benefits of loose powder to set the makeup and a compact powder, easily portable and thicker consistency to cover up spots. It ensures to lock the flawless glow for 24 hours. The range comes in 3 shades– Natural, Medium and Bronze to suit common Indian skin tones. Just one dab of the setting powder makeup is enough for a quick spotless touch up on the go!

setting powder

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