Which is the Best Long-Lasting Premium Perfume for Women?

Who doesn't need perfumes or body scents in their wardrobe? Having a pleasant odour, can attract others towards you more often. Perfume is an added benefit to make you stand out during meetings, interviews, or dates. Most importantly, it will make you fall in love with yourself, with its mesmerizing scent. A fragrant aroma strengthens your persona while you are out and about. Using the best perfume for women can instantly enhance your overall appearance.

Fragrance perfume enlivens a memory or a sensation with your glorious travel companion or best friend. It can hold the position of being your trusted pick-me-up. Amidst a range of fragrances, it is indeed confusing to find your own signature scent. However, it is okay to have multiple options that can reflect your mood, and define YOU! Whether you like a tangy fragrance, a floral scent or a sensational one, then there's clearly no shortfall of innumerable options. The trick is to apply them on your pulse points to make it last long for hours. Aegte Slay Girl is the most recommended perfume that lasts for more than 24 hours, and also comes in stylish packaging with a distinct personality of its own for every bearer.

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Which fragrance is the best for all seasons?

A new season means a brand-new perfume scent. However, that doesn't mean you have to spend hundreds of bucks to get a premium collection of Eau De Parfum. An affordable signature all-season fragrance that can turn heads is near you. From musk fragrances to spicy floral perfumes, Aegte Slay Girl Eau De Parfum gives off a distinct smell for every bearer. In order to choose a fragrance according to the seasons, you need to identify your favourite season. This can help you choose your right perfume match for your personalized collection.

Spring means renewal of nature, flowering, softness and freshness. Women's fragrance combines the freshness of nature and flowers to match with your energetic and sparkling personality. The latest addition to the range, Aegte Slay Girl Perfume, is one of the brand’s most intriguing fragrances yet. It blends citrus scents of Summer, with aromatic fresh fragrance to create a spicy floral scent of Winter that is lightened by the soft notes of Autumn season. A perfect mix and match that goes with all seasons.

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Which is the most recommended floral perfume?

Inspired by the enchanting yet refreshing raindrops on a fine spring morning with mesmerizing citrus top notes of lemon, raspberry and peach to lightning base notes of vanilla, white musk and cashmeran. Aegte Slay Girl Eau De Parfum is curated to celebrate femininity of the modern strong and bold woman. Whether worn alone or paired with other scents, Aegte Slay Girl is a perfect blend of spicy notes and fresh florals, making it an ideal transition fragrance throughout the year. Aegte has designed premium quality female perfumes combined with the finest Cruelty-free raw materials for the special ladies.

Being one of the finest ladies perfume brands, Aegte Slay Girl Eau De Parfum drives you the purest aroma of long lasting oriental floral fragrance, that stays more than 24 hours even on hot sunny days. With its compact size, you can carry it in your bag anywhere. Two sprays and you are all set to head out for the day keeping you super fresh, active and energetic. Formulated with the promise to ensure zero harm for all skin types and give off a pleasant unique aroma with Safe and Toxin-Free ingredients.

As you're working out in the sun, the body temperature rises and your routine requires a change with a Refreshing & Floral perfume scent. The All Season premium perfume like Slay Girl Eau de Parfum is versatile enough to take you from early working days to after office late night outs. One of the top perfumes for women that stays even after you have spent your whole night at a party. Few sprays of the premium Eau De Parfum is enough to keep you Fresh and Energetic throughout the day.

The best perfume opens with a high-spirited freshness of Lemon, Raspberry & Peaches, fuses into a drizzling and floral heart of Jasmine & Gardenia, and sticks around with a warm, cocooning base of Vanilla, white musk and Cashmeron. Aegte Slay Girl Eau De Parfum is a  perfect combination of floral and spicy notes, to make it your signature perfume from. Don it early in the morning or late at night to make heads turn. 

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How to make perfume last long?

Majority of us believe the more they spray their favourite perfume, the nicer they will smell. However, that's MYTH! Sadly, instead of making you stand out in the crowd, the lingering scent can often give you headaches or migraines. Two sprays of Premium Eau De Parfum like Aegte Slay Girl Perfume is enough to last you throughout the day without the need of reapplying it. A nice perfume is as valuable as your gold jewellery to dazzle you. This is why we hold perfumes close to our heart as it can instantly enhance your fashion senses.

When we spend a quiet penny on our perfumes, we expect the scent to last long till the night. While some fragrance formulations don't last as long as others—a gas Deo versus a higher concentration of EDP—there are ways to ensure your scent lingers longer. Drape your dry clean showered body with the essence of your favourite perfume as the open pores after a steam bath tends to hold onto the scent. Use an unscented moisturiser before applying the perfume as moisturized and nourished skin are ideal for best long lasting results. Target your pulse points like wrists, the nape of your neck, behind your knees, behind your ear, and inside your elbows. For an enhanced scent, you can also spray a few drops on your comb and brush your hair with the same. Rubbing or Patting is a BIG NO! Let the perfume air dry itself for best results.

Recognized as one of the best female perfumes due to its unique oriental premium floral scent for every woman's unique sense of personality, fortifying the brand's mission and ambition to uplift and make women the conquer of their lives throughout their individual journeys. Aegte Slay Girl Eau De Parfum is more than your regular perfume, that is meant to stay on the top of your premium perfume collection.


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