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A flush of colour on the face radiates youthfulness. But if overboard, then it can have the opposite effect, making you look like an anime character. The key to proper finish is getting the Quality of the Product and Application of the product accurately. If the skin is plump and hydrated then the blusher sits better while imparting a natural glow. Along with good skin, the quality of liquid blusher is also essential. Lighter texture and well-pigmented formulas are the best. They are easy to blend while giving off a natural tint to the makeup look. 

Blusher Tint

Nowadays, we have often seen Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms filled with multiple makeup hacks where one of which is using liquid lipsticks as blush tint for cheeks. Not to lie, we often have tried it on ourselves. But, is that right? Does it harm the skin? Let's dive into these questions to clear out all your doubts while providing an affordable alternative.

Can Lipsticks Be Used As A Blusher?

Today the beauty industry is loaded with makeup products like blusher tint, foundation, eyeliner etc, from several cosmetics brands, spoiling women with numerous choices. However, often high-branded makeup products are costly and many beauty influencers love experimenting with their looks in innovative ways. They often post about how one can use a single makeup product as a multipurpose one.

However, according to dermatologists, dark-coloured liquid matte lipsticks should not be used as a blush as it contains darker pigment and chemicals that are compatible only with the lips and not the skin, especially sensitive. Also, rubbing lipsticks or any other thick and dry consistency products on the face can harm the skin barrier leading to acne, pimples, breakouts and blemishes. Makeup experts recommend the usage of a powder blusher, a pink-coloured cream blusher or a light-coloured cheek tint.

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Selecting a product to be used as a multi-purposeful one should be solely based on its formulations and claims. If a product claims to be used in multiple ways then its formulas tend to fulfil the multi-purpose claim. The formulas are made in such a way that they could suit the skin as well as the lips. Having the best liquid blush that can be used in 4 ways is a must-have. However, finding one blusher with such skin-loving and makeup benefits is rare! Let's introduce you to the one that does it all.

Which Is the Best Multi-purposeful Liquid Blusher Tint In The Market?

Having a lifted, snatched look is the new trend and the use of a liquid blusher is one way to achieve a natural pink glow. Today, makeup enthusiasts prefer liquid or cream blushers instead of powerful ones. This push toward cream/liquid formats over the conventional powder format is due to the easily blendable textures that offer a smooth, natural and skin-like finish. Even high-end brands like benefit tinted blush and others are launching liquid blushers with several shades.

A major con of these stain blushers is that they are not multi-purposeful and can only be used on cheeks. What's the point of investing bucks into a product that serves only one purpose? You may try the makeup hacks but do remember how they can impact your skin. The safest way is to get your hands on a multi-purposeful formula like Aegte's Celeb Glow 4-in-1 Liquid Blusher Tint that can be used as Blusher on Cheeks, Eyeshadow on Eyelids, Lip Tint on Lips and Highlighter on Cheekbones. Indeed, the best multi-purposeful and affordable blusher in the market.

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 Being 100% Vegan & Natural, infused with the goodness of Vitamin C & Hemp Seed Oil, the 4-in-1 blusher is proven to moisturize and nourish the skin and lips while keeping intact the glowy look throughout the day. Its highly pigmented formula and different 7 shades like peach blusher, pink blusher, coral blusher, red blusher, and berry blusher are taking the beauty industry by storm. The buildable consistency melts like butter into the skin for a natural flush of colour to the face, making you look younger and more energetic. Aegte liquid blusher's nourishing, hydrating and moisturizing properties stay throughout the day and are ideal for harsh winter days.

This Gel or Liquid Blusher from Aegte has a unique formula enriched with organic and safe ingredients, serving multiple purposes making it the best choice for a multi-purposeful product that can ensure zero harm on the skin in whichever way you use them. With 7 vibrant shades to choose from, one can easily pick up their favourite that could be the best blusher for sensitive skin too. You have numerous options to choose from a blusher for fair skin, dark skin, brown skin to dusky skin tone as well.

How To Apply Blusher For A Natural Pink Makeup Look?

Step 1: Prep your face and complete your makeup base. Take the wand and dab it twice on the apple of your cheeks. Take a blusher brush to blend it in an upwards motion parallel to the cheekbones for a lifted look.

Powder Blusher

Step 2: Make sure your dark circles and eyelids are prepped with concealer and primer. Take a small eyeshadow brush and blend it evenly for a pop of colour on the eyelids.

Bridal Blusher

Step 3: Not to forget the lips, this moisturizing liquid blusher can be used over the lipstick and itself as a lip tint for a flattering monochromatic makeup look. Blend it evenly with a lip brush, starting from the cupid's bow to the lip corners.

Bridal Blusher

Step 4: With a shimmery finish, the liquid bridal blusher can be topped all over the makeup as a highlighter while adding a natural linking glow to the face. Sketch single dots on the high points of the face for a radiant makeup look.

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