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We must have seen numerous eyebrows trends come and go over the few years. Once, over-plucked thin eyebrows were in trend. In the contrast, after a few years, people started preferring thick eyebrows with an arch shape. However, now the trend is feathery and bushy eyebrows in their natural shape. It normally makes the face look snatched but also gives the appearance of a slimmer and skinny face shape. If you are thinking having a natural, fluffy eyebrow lift look is easy and doesn't require much attention. Well, that's a big NO. It's more than just using As we have heard the term 'No Makeup Look', the 'Natural Eyebrow Look' is the same. It takes an equal amount of time and product application because it shouldn't look face but rather more Natural. You’ll need just the right Eyebrow Lift Gel to give it a feather look and keep everything in place. What if you could also make your brows fuller in the long run? We have got you! 

Best eyebrow lift gel

Which Is The Best Eyebrow Lift Gel?

The Aegte Eyebrow Lift & Freeze Gel will help you make you fall in love with your brows. It’s an Organic Eyebrow Lift Gel with a spoolie brush applicator, and what makes it multi-purposeful is that it has both makeup and brow care essential formula. It styles your brows instantly giving a long-lasting fluffiness. The eyebrow gel is formulated with Refined Glycerine, Aloe vera and Flaxseed oil has been proven to boost Eyebrow growth and make it healthier with regular usage.

This Eyebrow Freeze Gel gives you eyebrows that don't have a glue-like finish rather it dries up easily and keep the brow in its natural shape. It’s formulated to provide extreme hold for brows without the stiff crunch and is still smudge-resistant! The clear and transparent colour of the gel makes it ideal for any coloured eyebrow. Clear Formulas are a nice choice if you either don’t need to fill in your brows and keep it natural. Alternatively, you can pick an Eyebrow Pomade or Filler like Aegte 3D kajal Gel and fill in the gaps after the gel has dried up.

Natural eyebrow lift gel

What is the Difference Between Eyebrow Lift Gel vs Serum?

Although, sparse, thin brows can be in someone's genetics. But often eyebrows undergo a decrease in density or volume, reduced growth of eyebrow hairs, and thickening of hairs with age. This has been closed by Board-certified dermatologists. Sudden changes to brow density can be caused by a variety of factors, among one them are skin conditions like eczema, hormonal changes, or diet deficiencies. This is when the best eyebrow lift gel does the wonder. It not only gives a perfect arch temporarily but also must have a formula that can help in the growth of the brows in the longer run!

Aegte believes in Makeup + skincare formulas. That is why the Eyebrow Lift and Freeze Gel has been infused with Flaxseed Oil known to increase the sensitivity and volume of hair strands. Rather than just being an Eyebrow Serum it also works as an Eyebrow Gel. You can get more than just one benefit of brow gel. Dermatologists recommend using formulations that also include ingredients that promote the growth of healthy hair follicles, like glycerine, flaxseed oil, castor oil, vitamin B5, vitamin E, and proteins. With consistent use and a proper diet, you will see the difference soon.

The major difference between a Brow Gel & Brow Serum is the consistency and formula. Brow gels and thick consistency are formulated to enhance the appearance of how the brow looks temporarily whereas the serums mainly have oil-like consistency that targets to heal the growth and make brows bushier in the longer run. But, Aegte has fused both concepts to make one brow essential that does it all at once. It also comes with a spoolie brush applicator which makes it easier to apply and blend in for a natural look.

Eyebrow lift gel vs serum


The Ultimate Guide to Using Eyebrow Freeze Gel?

Many of us have questions like 'How to Use Eyebrow Freeze Gel' to achieve flawless brows. We have a step-by-step guide for a perfectly tamed and sculpted eyebrows look with the 100% vegan & natural eyebrow lift gel.

Step 1 : Dip the spoolie brush into the pot, take it out and remove the excess product from the applicator by brushing it against the edge of the pot. Using more quantity can give a fake brow look, which none of us wants, right? Hence, using just the right amount is essential!

Step 2 : Brush the brow strands in an upward motion picking each hair strand for a fuller and laminated brow look.

Step 3 : Even out the edges by slightly touching and framing the brows in their natural shape. Make sure the tips of the brows have a sharp end.

Step 4 : Once dried, finish it off with an eyebrow filler. Fill in the gaps which will ensure the eyebrow gel lasts long while giving a natural look without smudging off.

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