Say Goodbye to Smudges: Get Smudge-proof 24Hrs Stay Kajal

The wedding season is here, and all of us are busy doing the preparation for the event! If you're a bridesmaid then the worry of looking the best is given. You definitely cannot miss such important events when its one of your closest relatives or friends. Your wardrobe must be already dazzling with outfits — from a shimmery lehenga to a stylish yet traditional saree — to make heads turn. But, along with dressing, you must be worrying about the makeup as well. And, if it's a big fat Indian Wedding then we know how essential accessories and makeup are to make everything look perfect! We know how makeup can elevate your look, but at the same time even the smallest mistake can ruin the overall look. Well, don't worry we have got your covered up. Discover the secret to all-day beautiful eyes with 24hr Stay Kajal. Get ready to say goodbye to smudges and fading, and hello to gorgeous eyes that last all day.

Kajal for all skin types

Applying makeup is not a child's play, and the most difficult is to achieve flawless eye makeup. Beautiful eye makeup can enhance your look from 0 to 10 if done correctly, confirmed by renowned Celebrity Makeup Artists. But most of us have struggled with the mishap of smudging and budging of Kajals. No 24hr kajal that has claimed to be Waterproof or Smudgeproof have stood to its statement. And yes without kajal the eye makeup is incomplete as it gives a natural shadow while brightening up the eyes for a more lively and energetic look. That's why Aegte has finally formulated one Kajal that doesn't Smudge or Budge - The #nonsmudge HD 24Hr Stay Kajal. Say goodbye to smudged and fading eye makeup with this long-lasting kajal. Get ready for all-day gorgeous eyes that will never let you down.

Which is the best Smudgeproof & Waterproof 24Hr Stay Kajal?

Get waterproof kajal and enjoy all-day beautiful eyes, no matter what life throws at you. Nobody wants a Kajal in their vanity that spreads around the eyes and creates an appearance of pigmented dark circles. Also, it's imperative to note that the Kajal Residue, if not cleaned properly before going to bed can lead to dark circles as they tend to settle down under the skin, forming dark circles and puffy eyes. This has been claimed by several dermatologists. Reducing dark circles is very difficult as our eyes are the most sensitive part of our body. Hence, before making a purchase be sure if that's the Smudge-proof Kajal you have been looking for! Don't let rain, sweat, or tears ruin your eye makeup once you have the right Kajal in your hand.

Kajal for dark circles

One should prefer buying a Natural Kajal that is made of 100% Vegan & Natural ingredients like Vitamin C, Almond, Chamomile & Castor Oil that not only boosts eyelash growth both on upper and lower lines but also ensures to prevent any harm to the eyes. Vitamin C helps in protecting the eyes from excessive sun exposure whereas the essential oils make the formula easy to apply that glides on easily without applying or rubbing on the eyes. The formula is free from chemicals like parabens and sulfates making it ideal for sensitive eyes too. It is Ophthalmologist Friendly too.

How can Kajal enhance the overall look?

To enhance your eye makeup, choose a long lasting Kajal that suits your skin tone and eye color for a perfect look. The #nonsmudge Kajal sketches your eyes, with its smooth and highly pigmented consistency, creating a perfect look for dramatic eye makeup look. Having Kajal during Halloween is definitely a YES! You can achieve gothic or vampire looks easily with Kajals. Get yourself the not-so-common #nonsmudge HD Kajal which is a water-proof  kajal and lasts throughout the day or often more than 24 hours. It provides a perfect middle-ground for looks where eyeliner is neither blurry nor too stark.

Aegte #nonsmudge 3D Kajal can be used as a Kohl, Eyeliner and for Smokey Eyes due to its dark pigment and being a Kajal for all skin types, it is infused with vegan constituents, essential oils and Vitamin C to provide all-around protection to sensitive eyes. Having a smooth consistency, the Kajal glides smoothly in just one stroke leaving a matte and darkest color payoff on the eyes. The colossal black Kajal pigment can be used to paint the eyes on upper lash lines as well. Being paraben-free and cruelty-free in nature this #nonsmudge Kajal is a must-have for lens wearers too.

24hr Stay-Kajal

The easiest trick is to apply the kajal to lower the waterline and make it more prominent. Begin at the outer corners to impart a darker color. If you want a look of bigger eyes, avoid applying kajal to the inner corners. Use a brush to gently blend and create a smokey eye look. Start with your outer corner and move towards the inner corners. This ensures not to get any excess product deposited in the inner corners which sometimes messes up the eye look. You may also use the Kajal for dark circles like from Aegte that stays for 24Hrs and doesn't smudge either, as an Eyeliner for a defined and snatched eye makeup to make heads turn!

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