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Who doesn't love wearing lipsticks? But yes we do hate the mess it comes with eating, drinking, kissing, and talking. But what if you have one of the best liquid lipstick with matte and non-dry formula? It can definitely replace your regular messy liquid lipsticks that makes your lip super dry, uncomfortable & wears off easily.

With the advent of pandemic, wearing masks and lipsticks together at the same time has become a hassle for liquid lipstick lovers. Nobody likes the stain of lipstick on their mask nor the mess that happens when covered due to sweat. This has caused the need of sweatproof - transferproof liquid lipsticks in every makeup enthusiasts' stash. However it should be equally moisturising and nourishing on the lips to avoid dry patches or giving an appearance of chapped lips. A high-quality Transferproof, Sweatproof & Waterproof lipstick that locks hydration and stays for long hours despite any activities like eating or drinking is the right match for you!

Understanding Textures of Liquid Lipsticks

Navigating among the best matte liquid lipstick might be difficult because of numerous options available in the market with similar shades. But how do we know which will suit you the best? It is essential to understand the texture & colour of the liquid lipstick we desire. Both should blend well to compliment our skin tone. Let's get into the deets of each type to pick the correct one!


The most common yet classic lipstick formula to pull off everyday. It is highly nourishing and moisturising in nature due to its high concentration in oil that helps prevent drying out the lips. However it is not transferprooof and wears off easily, meaning reapplication is needed every now & then. If you want a soft touch of colour with subtle shine then sheer textured lipsticks definitely check out the boxes. 


Here is the cousin of sheer lipsticks but comparatively with a greater degree of lasting power. The formula glides easily on the lips with a perfect balance of colour and gloss. Sheer lipsticks come in Oil formulation whereas Cream lipsticks are higher in wax concentration with ingredients like Vitamin E and Aloe Vera Gel making it a perfect handle lipstick anytime, anywhere.


Old is Gold! Indeed the style followed in the 80s & 90s has become a trend in the Z generation from Wide legged jeans to Glossy Lucious Lips! A Lip Brightening gloss ensures to plump and lighten your dark lips with a fuller appearance & a hint of subtle rosy pink shade. It adds a youthful glow to your fresh face but does actual wonders at night parties. You can never go wrong with Aegte 2-in-1 Lip Plumper Serum & Brightening Gloss enriched with 100% vegan extracts to offer fuller lips in seconds!

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Parallel to matte liquid lipstick formulations, Lip Tints are all about pigmented colours with minimal shine. One of the top trending in the influencers makeup vanity is Aegte Lip & Cheek Tint. It is a 2-in-1 lip care essential with a moisturising and nourishing formula that not only treats hyperpigmentation but also gives also makes lips naturally pink. The amazing 3 shades works as a Blusher, Eyeshadow and Lip Tint - a perfect strike! Lip Tints keep the lips and cheeks nourished for at least 5-6 hours and also doesn't demand high-maintenance. One can never say no to a multi purposeful lip essentials!

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The most trending and bought texture among all are matte liquid lipsticks. It is just the antonym of gloss but an essential one for defined plump lips. It is a shine-free alternative to glossy lipsticks, with super pigmented shades and even texture. A lipstick that goes on every occasion and often lasts longer than your event. One swatch is enough to have the actual colour of the shade on your lips. Kiss your stain worries goodbye forever with the best in quality Aegte 24Hr Stay Kissproof Matte Liquid Lipstick that offers full coverage with its non-dry and moisturizing formula. 

kissproof liquid lipstick

Picking Up The Best Matte Liquid Lipstick

In the market full of options from online to offline, Aegte 24 HR Stay Kissproof Matte Liquid Lipsticks definitely tops the queue. Why? Well there is not just one answer to it because it is yet another multi beneficial and multi purposeful product similar to all other products from the Most Trusted Vegan Brand of India Aegte. They have vibrant 10 types of liquid lipstick shades from Reds to Nudes - you can gift it your bestie or yourself to achieve any look that will last long on your lips.

Unlike other liquid lipsticks, the best matte Kissproof Liquid lipstick doesn't make lips chapped. As long as it's on the lips it ensures to provide moisturization and nourishment to the lips without getting messy or smudgy. The best matte Kissproof Liquid lipstick stays intact as it is from dawn till the dusk even after sessions of sips and snacks! The only matte liquid lipstick which has a non-dry dry, Waterproof, Smudge-proof & Transfer-proof  formula infused with 100% organic ingredients like Vitamin E to keep the lips hydrated all day long.

The uncountable list of benefits never seems to end and hence makes it the best affordable high quality matte liquid lipstick. Rich in colour, skin care ingredients and super comfortable on lips has indeed captured millions of hearts with the unique formulation. The plump and fuller lips when topped with the Lip Serum is a 10 on 10 look you can never say 'NO' to. One swatch is enough to start your regular office day and end it with an after office drink & dinner session! 


Kissproof liquid lipstickLiquid lipstick

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