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Having an eye-look that people would want to recreate is an actual accomplishment for a makeup lover. Hence, an eyeshadow palette is a must-have for a makeup enthusiast's vanity. However, drawing the perfect eye look is heavily dependent on which type of matte eyeshadow palette you use. The final look will depend on the texture, pigmentation, finish and many more factors of the palette that you have used.

Factors to consider for the best quality matte eyeshadow palette

Ingredients, form, color and whether you prefer a matte, shimmer or metallic finish plays an important role in choosing the right eyeshadow palette for you. Before investing in one, let's go through the factors that will help you decide your purchase.


First & foremost is knowing the texture you want in your eyeshadow palette. There are options ranging from matte, vegan, shimmer, metallic, and cream eyeshadow palettes. Matte is usually highly pigmented colours with no sparkle or shine however is fairly long-lasting. It is especially a good choice for oily skin. Vegan eyeshadows are infused with natural components; ideal for any skin type including the sensitive & allergy- prone skin. Cream eyeshadows are long lasting and suits dry skin pretty well. Lastly, Shimmer and Metallic shades are for party goers of the night. It gives a natural shine and glitter to the eyes!


For an eye shadow palette, you should choose a color that compliments your skin & enhances your eye color. For brown and dark coloured eyes, select colours with a dramatic effect to leave a shadow on your crease and pop out the colour of your eyes. Rich Navy, Burgundy or Midnight Blues are few of the colours to bring out the best of your eyes. Warm colours like peaches & mustards compliment green  eyes with a shimmer of gold to highlight your eyelids. Pastel lavender or purple shades add a dimension and an electric effect to blue eyes.


Given there are numerous options of an eyeshadow kit but remember among all of them the king is Vegan Eyeshadow Palettes enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients to ensure best in quality results without any chemicals, sulphates or parabens involved. It is long lasting, suits all skin types, safe for skin without causing any harm and also has skin care benefits due to its beneficial unique formulation.

What makes Aegte HD Eyeshadow Palette the Best Eyeshadow Kit ?

With a plethora of options in the market, it's difficult to select the best Eyeshadow Palette with Matte & Shimmer because all of them mostly have the same shades, so how do we choose the better one? Sometimes either the palette has too many shimmers or too many matte shades. It's a never-ending struggle for a beauty enthusiast! But what if we have found your match? Would you swipe right to a 4-in-1 makeup palette? Well, we have brought a match, you definitely can't resist!

 The surge in organic and vegan based makeup is a testament to the benefits and safety a natural makeup product offers. Along with makeup it also amplifies your skincare routine. Right makeup products ensure right glowing skin! Aegte has proved that the power of ayurvedic ingredients is not just confined to medicines but it can also create results-oriented and amazing Makeup, Skin & Hair care products for Men, Women & Kids like the Best Matte Eyeshadow Palette Kit with  Blusher, Highlighter and Eyebrow filler!

 With the new launch of Aegte Matte & Metallic 12 Colours HD Eyeshadow Palette, it will take you a few minutes to transform your eye-look completely- from a zero to hundred! It is a power packed combination of Matte, Highlighter, Blusher and Eyebrow filler shades in just one palette! One can create whatever look they want be it for a business meeting, casual outing or a dinner date, you can achieve it all with the best metallic eyeshadow palette.

12 Colours Eye Shadow Palette

First and foremost, each shade in this matte eyeshadow palette is unique and can be used to enhance different features of your face. Light shimmer colours highlight your top points of the face. They’re a great option to apply to the inner corner of the eye and brow bone, bringing them forward. Brown and oranges - medium colors define the shape of the eye and bridge the gap between dark and light shades when blending. Lastly, comes the showstopper - Dark colors. The smokey eye-look is a trend we can't get over with. Dark shades create depth and contour the eye shape, adding intensity. A dark shade can be applied to the lash line, outer corner, or crease. To conclude, it is the Best Eyeshadow Palette with Matte and Shimmer that checks out all the boxes of the factors to be considered for an eyeshadow kit.

Guide to create an overall look with the Best Eyeshadow Palette:

Step 1 : Pick your shade from the Eyeshadow Palette as per the event be it for a business meeting, party or a date, this palette has all the shades to make you stand out in the crowd.

  • Dusty Black for Smokey Eye party look with a hint of Gold Love on your inner lids.

best quality matte eyeshadow palette

  • Get the business deal in your hands with a subtle look from Frosty Citrus.

best quality matte eyeshadow palette

  • Be the Fashionista in bright summer days with Merigold on your eyes.

best quality matte eyeshadow palette

Step 2 : Click a perfect golden hour picture with Shimmery 'Highlight On' shade. Blend it on the highest points of your face like forehead, cheekbones, nose & chin.

best quality matte eyeshadow palette

Step 3 : Add a flush of pink tone to your cheeks and nose with 'Blush On' shade.  Blend it with your brush or fingertips evenly for a cute & even skin tone.

best quality matte eyeshadow palette

Step 4 : Get rid of patchy brows and define it with  'Perfect Brow' for a well-arched fuller eyebrow look. Locate the start, arch & end point of your brows. Start filling in the patchy areas to frame your face. Pluck any extra hair strands and end it with a concealer below the arch point for a 'Perfect Brow' look.

best quality matte eyeshadow palette

Amp up your look with the Best Eyeshadow Palette - Aegte 12 Colours HD Eyeshadow Matte & Metallic Eyeshadow Palette. Once you have picked your favorite light, medium, and dark shades, you can recreate different looks across the palette! We can’t wait to see you all slaying with this new launch. These shades are waiting to be tried on. Your search for the 'All-in-One Makeup Palette' ends here.

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