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For flawless and radiant looking skin, the best compact powder is an essential for all makeup enthusiasts. It is one of the most basic and used beauty products of our makeup stash. It helps conceal the dark spots, blemishes and hyperpigmented skin on the face easily. Also, the best compact powder makes your makeup last longer and gives a rich matte finish without making the face oily. Compact powders are available for different skin types and skin tones in the market ranging from medium to full coverage.

However, having a lot of options is also not easy. The more options you have, the more confused you are. And that's where the question arises 'which compact powder and foundation is the best for my skin?'. While reading this blog, you must have thought of the same. Well, well, we have some tips and tricks to help you determine that and find your perfect match ! To begin with it is of utmost importance to know your skin type, what causes irritation and your actual skin tone. Lets have a jumpstart on finding the right compact for you :

Choose as per your skin type

If you have oily skin, the ideal compact is an oil-control matte finish powder to control the excess oil secretion. Avoid powders with shimmer as it will make your skin look oilier. The best compact powder for oily skin with an additional sweat proof or waterproof formula is definitely the right one. Whereas for dry skin use a cream-based compact or a translucent powder. This will make your face look healthy and less flaky. Mineral powders are the best.

best compact powder

Full or medium coverage? Select yours!

Knowing your skin type is not enough, you should know the coverage level you are looking for before buying a compact powder and foundation. Avoid grey or ashy skin tone by choosing the exact colour as per your skin undertone. And for coverage, if you want a more natural finish, then go for sheer coverage compact, or translucent powder. Well, a medium or full coverage powder helps even out the imperfections and uneven skin tone. 

Why Aegte Matte Compact Powder is the right one ?

Recently, people have been opting for vegan products as they are safe due to its natural and chemical-free formulation that suits all skin types. One can buy it without worrying about the side effects, because it doesn't have any and that's why Aegte 24Hr Stay 3-in-1 Dab & Fab with SPF 15+++ has become a breakthrough beauty product in the market because it not only works as a Compact Powder but also as a Concealer and Makeup Setter. A perfect Two-in-One combo you would ever want!

A compact foundation that gives you the benefits of two is definitely a blessing for your makeup stash. Aegte compact powder has a sweat control formula that helps absorb excess oil and doesn't make face cakey. It hydrates the skin throughout the whole day, leaving a supple and dewy look to the face. Enriched with 100% natural, vegan and paraben-free ingredients like Rice Starch proven to brighten the skin complexion. With Broad Spectrum SPF ensures to protect the skin from sunrays damage, avoiding suntan and pigmentated skin. The presence of anti-pollution formula constructs a protective layer on the skin preventing any environmental damage.

Pick the right shade for your skin tone!

Being the first face compact with Vitamin C, Aegte Matte Compact Powder helps increase collagen production for an even skin tone and makes skin firmer due to its anti-ageing properties. Having endless list of benefits, the unisex compact powder also comes in 3 common shades to suit all skin stones.

1. Light : For Fair Skin Tone

For natural glowing finish, people with fair skin complexion should opt for yellow based powder. It helps avoid a cakey, chalky and whitish appearance. It blends with the skin seamlessly and smoothly for a rich matte finish. Trying a compact powder infused with natural ingredients like Rice granules ensures radiant glowing skin in seconds. OPT for a light yellow based shade and you're good to go! 

best compact powder

2. Medium: Medium to Tan Skin tone

The best matte finish compact powder with a non-greasy waterproof formula and a silky texture will mingle your skin making it radiant from the first application. As medium skin tone is very common so it often becomes a hassle to choose the right one. So we have formulated a tone with the mixture that perfectly suits Medium to Tan skin tone leaving a matte HD coverage and sheer finish.

best compact powder

3. Bronze: For Tan to dusky skin tone

It is important to know your skin colour and find a compact powder and foundation that will blend with your natural skin colour. For tanned skin, it is advised to dive into brown or copper toned shades for a perfect finish. It fixes uneven skin tone and matches with the colour of your neck too. It helps cover the unnecessary tan for a natural luminous skin.

best compact powder

With a varied list of benefits and multiple uses, Aegte Compact Powder tops the queue in the list of the best overall compact powder. Indeed, the craze for vegan products is real due to its safe and sulphate-free formulation. As the market is full of diversified options including chemical and organic compact powders, it is difficult to choose the right one but with these tips, tricks and recommendations, now it will be a piece of cake to choose your right match!

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