6 Home Remedies for Glass Skin

Glass skin is a term that denotes skin which is even toned, lustrous, and smooth. The term is so used because such skin appears just as flawless as glass. In the fashion world, this is a very elegant and clear way of describing someone with excellent complexion. The term’ glass skin’ finds its origin in Korea, but now the entire world wants to participate in this fashion trend. To achieve this, you would need to start with home remedies for glass skin. 

This technique is achievable by ordinary persons also, and one doesn’t have to be a well known model. For this, you need to follow the breakdown of steps to be followed, which would make use of home remedies. In other words, you won’t have to spend too much money on getting a perfect look.

Home remedies for glass skin

Glass skin is hydrated, spotless, and looks so healthy that it glows when light falls upon it. It also appears supple, and this can easily be tested by your fingers. It almost seems as if this skin has no texture, and you can achieve this by following the remedies listed below:

  1. Double cleansing- When you cleanse a face twice, it ensures that the skin is clean enough and ready for healthy products. The first wash works to remove dirt and break down oil on the skin. Once this oil is loose enough, you need to wash it away with an oil-based cleanser. Make use of coconut or olive oil mixed with a small amount of cleanser for this. The second cleanse would get rid of whatever was left after the first wash.   
  2. Gentle exfoliation- Once the skin is thoroughly cleaned up, use a gentle exfoliator. This exfoliation is necessary for cleaning pores and getting rid of dead skin, thereby leaving the skin radiant while getting rid of blemishes. Never scrub your face hard with an exfoliator. It is done in a circular motion with the finger rips pressing lightly against the skin. You do not have to do this every day; thrice a week is enough.
  3. Toner treatment- After the above procedures, your skin is likely to start feeling dry. While the idea is to cleanse skin pores in the previous two steps, this is the time to hydrate the skin with a toner. Only make sure that you do not make use of alcohol-based toners, or else they may dehydrate the skin further.    
  4. Using an essence- An essence lies between a moisturizer and a serum in terms of its properties and is normally water-based. It helps build a healthy skin through hydration. You might be thinking about why we are looking to hydrate the skin yet again here, but the truth is extra hydration is always helpful. You can easily prepare this essence at home and apply it for removal of fine lines.
  5. Hydrating serum-The application of this serum is an essential component of the glass skin care routine. Serums have a large number of benefits which cannot be ignored. Now it isn’t really possible to make this serum at home, but if you want natural products which can have the same effects, you can consider honey and aloe vera, which can be put together to prepare a mask.
  6. Moisturizing the skin-This is one of the critical parts of the whole skin care routine. Not only does it help to lock in the moisture and the clean products you have used, but it also keeps the skin hydrated for the entire day. It is able to fight patchy and dry skin issues and improves skin flakiness. You are recommended to choose a lightweight moisturizer for the face, although day and night care routines may require different types. Application of the moisturizer should be completed with putting eye cream under your eyes, which helps to improve the dull and dark patches.

For all the above tasks, you will be able to use products at homes. Face exfoliators, oil-based cleansers, face toners, essences and even face serum can be made at home.

Do not forget diet

As some of the well known make up artists in the world will tell you, it is not just the skincare routine but even the diet that plays a role in skin appearance. On the whole, greasy and fried foods cause either allergies or other harmful problems for skins. High consumption of fruits and vegetables is healthy, and although water is a very good product to clear the body of toxins, it isn’t as effective for healthy skin as it sounds. In other words, while drinking water is necessary for overall health, it has virtually no role to play in terms of skin hydration.

If you want to complete the glass skin look, it would be healthy to apply light makeup, such as a thin line of liquid eyeliner.

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