Enhance Your Skin with Rice For Face

Do you want your skin to remain wrinkle free for several years? There is no need for you to start scouring for expensive skin care products on the Internet as they will only harm your skin. Instead, you can use rice water as it prevents wrinkles from forming on the face. The excellent anti ageing properties of rice protect the skin from sun damage and revitalize it. Not many people would know, but rice for face has a number of antioxidants which fight free radicals and help your skin look young.

History of the use of rice on the face

Rice helps to brighten the skin of an individual. It is regarded as a mild exfoliator and can be used every day. Historically, the use of rice water was an ancient recipe which the Chinese, Japanese, and the Koreans made popular. The discovery of the use of rice for face began with the popularity of South Korean skin treatment methods. Today, it is possible to prepare rice serums, creams, toners, and scrubs for regular use. A rice water toner can result in a glossy skin that is free of blemishes. There are also many brands of companies from the above nations which make the above products.

How to prepare a rice flour face mask

Get hold of rice powder to make this mask. The method of preparation is as follows:

  1. Mix 1 tsp rice powder, 1 tsp turmeric, 1 tsp Bengal Gram flour, and a few drops of milk to prepare the face mask
  2. Simply apply the above mixture to your face and allow it to dry
  3. Once the mask has set , scrub and wash it off

In most cases, the rice available at your home would be suitable for all kinds of hair and skin types. However, you are advised to make use of organic rice in dilute condition, just to be on the safer side.   

Different ways of using diluted rice water

  1. Make use of this water for rinsing your hair. Fermented rice water is also suitable for removal of dandruff. Using rice water and avocado you can prepare a hair mask.
  2. Treat fine lines on the face with the addition of almonds or Vitamin E and coconut to rice powder
  3. You can get better skin if you soak facial tissues in rice water and apply it as a mask for ten minutes
  4. Looking for a solution to soothe mosquito bites? Freeze the diluted rice water and apply its cubes on the affected areas.
  5. A highly effective method of tan removal is soaking it in a tub filled with rice water
  6. It can be used as a sun protector and a wonderfully refreshing mist spray
  7. Soak washed rice in raw milk with cream for an hour. The addition of honey and Bengal Gram flour helps create a brightening scrub.

A lot of people may be interested to know whether rice water can  be left on their faces overnight for excellent results in the morning or not. Yes, this is certainly a good idea; washing off the water in the morning will certainly give your skin the glow that you are looking for.

Rice mask for dry skin

While rice acts as a natural skin toner that improves blood circulation, cinnamon contains polyphenols that help fight free radicals as anti oxidants. Glycerin is one ingredient which can prevent dryness in the skin by locking in moisture.

A combination of rice, glycerin, and cinnamon leads to a face mask which is excellent for dry skin. The use of this mask once a week helps to obtain nourished skin.

Rice mask for oily skin

Oily skin is quite tricky in nature, and requires face masks with ingredients which can clean pores without dehydrating the skin. One can keep oily skin in good shape by wearing a mask prepared from milk, honey, and rice. Milk contains lactic acid which gets rid of excess skin oil, and it is also has wonderful nourishing properties. Similarly, honey is an antiseptic which is able to fight acne-causing bacteria. Rice is able to absorb the excess sebum from the skin, making it grease-free.      

Rice mask for anti ageing

Rice contains Vitamin B which slows down skin ageing and assists in cell regeneration. Glycerin behaves as a barrier for the skin’s surface and prevents ageing. Another ingredient which improves skin properties is egg white, which is able to tighten the skin through its astringent properties.

You can prepare a mask with a combination of rice flour, egg whites, and glycerin. You simply need to massage the mixture on your face and allow it to dry. Once it has dried completely, wash it off using cold water.

Remember to follow the above practice once or twice in a week. It will certainly give you a supple and glowing skin.

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