How To Make Rice Hair Oil?

Has your hair lost its natural shine, beauty, and softness? If yes, consider using natural hair oils like rice hair oil because it is full of nutrients and antioxidants to repair the damage caused by sun, dust, and pollution. Rice plays a crucial role in cooking, but do you know that it can also be used to take care of hair? Rice bran oil is full of vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, and antioxidants. If you do not know how to make rice hair oil, then you should first understand what exactly it is and how it is prepared, well, it comes from the outer layer of rice grain which is the inner husk of rice known as bran from where oil is extracted.

 Extracting rice bran oil is a specialized technique done by experienced workers where rice bran is put into the feeder of the expeller to squeeze rice bran oil through a transported screwworm. When the screwworm moves, it adjusts the space, so that oil seeps out from the rice bran cake through the small openings in the bottom of the barrel. In short, oil is extracted mechanically through rice bran cake in the factory.

In addition to this, food-grade solvent hexane is used for the extraction. To achieve excellent penetration and percolation of solvent for extraction, it works on the rule of counter-current and moving a bed to begin the distillation in the vacuum, and then extracted rice oil is collected by vaporizing solvent to be recovered later.

External factors like pollution, dust, and sun exposure can create havoc to your hair health due to which you can lose shine and natural moisture. Even frequent salon visits cannot repair the damage and cannot be recommended when you are on a tight budget. In such a situation, it is better to follow home remedies like oiling your hair with rice oil to improve your hair health.

How to Make Rice Hair Oil at Home?

  1. Double boiling method- If you are wondering how to make rice hair oil, heat some coconut oil separately and mix it with rice flour and heat it again to get the oil. Strain the excess rice flour to get the oil and store the oil in the jar by adding a few drops of essential oil into it.
  1. Storage method- Mix coconut oil and rice flour and leave it in a jar for two to three days to mix them well. You can add essential oil and use this as hair oil. 

Benefits of Rice Hair Oil

  1. Fights Dandruff - One of the most significant advantages of using rice hair oil is to control dryness that can lead to dandruff. Rice hair oil stimulates blood flow and heals your scalp entirely in less time.
    Prevents damage - Rice hair oil has antioxidants that prevent damage from external factors like UV rays and pollution. So, it is good to have a regular massage from this oil if you stay most of the time outdoors.
  1. Premature Greying– It is a wonderful oil for people who are battling with grey hair problem. The qualities present in the oil helps retain pigment loss and aid in melanin production to control grey hair occurrence further. So, it means the oil will give your hair strength and prevent bacterial infections from leaving soft and shiny hair all the time.
  1. Controls Irritation- Lack of moisture can create itchiness and irritation in the scalp. Hair follicles need nourishment too, which is possible through regular oiling and massaging. A warm rice oil massage can prevent irritation that you may be experiencing for a long. So, quickly buy rice oil or make your own to control irritation.
  1. Hair quality- Use of rice hair oil for a prolonged interval of time improves the condition and texture of your hair, making them healthy and beautiful. It has omega-6 –fatty acids and other nutrients to improve hair quality.

Flaunt any hairstyle or any updo and look your best all the time. Whether you are a man or woman try rice hair oil and see the amazing benefits of this hair oil. Maintaining great hair all the time is not difficult; all you need to do is use rice hair oil which contains antioxidants and essential nutrients.

Even if you have a frizzy and unmanageable mane, you can massage your hair with the oil right before hair wash to get soft and shiny hair after one wash, just a simple hair massage with rice hair oil is required before hair wash to maintain and manage hair all the time.

In short, oiling is one of the simplest things we can do to our hair. It is indeed a sure-shot way of ensuring that our hair remains problem-free. So, make sure you regularly oil hair and make it a part of your routine.

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