How To Reverse Grey Hair?

Hair health is essential to make us look good and feel good. Your beauty is incomplete without shiny and soft hair. Any woman would like to pay extra attention to her hair care regime to look her best all the time. Not only women, but hair care is equally essential for both men and women. Taking care of your hair is vital as any other part of the body because they add on to your glamour and style. However, grey hair is the most common problem which we all suffer from once in our lifetime. So, you should know how to reverse grey hair and combat the problem effectively.

What Causes Grey Hair? 

Pollution, dust, and sun damage are the most significant cause of hair damage due to which you can lose shine and texture that eventually makes hair look dull and lifeless. Grey hair further worsens the situation and makes you appear old and worn out. The apparent reason why hair turns grey is that you are growing older. Melanin is the substance that decides the color of your hair just like skin. The dark or white hair suggests the amount of melanin someone has in the hair. As someone ages, the pigment cells in hair follicles die, which makes hair follicle run out of melanin which by the way means grey or white hair occurrence. Nowadays, people get grey hair due to other factors like stress, alcohol, and smoking as well.

Another factor that makes your hair turn grey is the genes you inherit from your parents. So, your stress levels, genes, and age contribute to deciding when you will go grey. Although grey hair leads you to try unusual things like dying hair and covering the head with scarves, the best bet is to know how to reverse grey hair through DIY tricks.

Spotting the very first grey hair strand can be intimidating for many. It may lead you in an embarrassing situation and deter you from having “good hair day”. To avoid such awkward moments, you should know simple tips to cover grey hair. You can also find several ingredients in your kitchen that are readily available.

Tips to Control Hair Turning Grey

  • Try Onion Oil Or Onion Pack- This is the most effective way to treat your grey hair and one of the oldest trick for premature grey hair. You can mix onion juice with some other ingredient, leave it on for 30 minutes and wash it with cold water. If you do not want to prepare this, there are still many onion hair oils and mask available in the market that you can buy. Since onion has anti-bacterial properties that make it the most sought after ingredient for hair care. You must try it twice in a week to see the real difference.
  • Take A Healthy Diet– Your diet is essential to maintain your hair health. Include foods that contain vitamin c, vitamin k, and protein. You can include certain nuts, chicken, green vegetables, and dry fruits like walnuts in your diet to help melanin production essential for dark hair.
  • Amla and Shikakai Mask- Amla and shikakai are two amazing ingredients for hair care which provides nourishment to hair. Mix amla and shikakai into a paste and apply it on your hair to stop greying further. Another simple trick that you can try is to massage amla juice on hair every day before going to bed. So, this mask will not only stop premature greying but will also improve hair texture over time.
  • Coconut Oil- Another excellent remedy for grey hair is a hot coconut oil massage, at least twice a week. Coconut oil massage nourishes hair and makes them strong, which prevents breakage and premature greying. The oil is readily available everywhere, which you can use to boost hair health naturally.

In addition to this, proper sleep and exercise routine are also essential to maintain overall hair health. You may also meditate regularly to control stress-related issues leading to bad hair quality and grey hair. Do not forget your hair health because it can tell you a lot about you. So, follow the above tips quite seriously if you want to stop hair turning grey.

Remember maintaining great hair is not that difficult; all you need to do is practice healthy habits and try smart ways to control the natural process of aging. No matter how busy you are, you must follow a hair care routine to maintain black, shiny, and smooth hair. So, if your hair is turning grey, you do not need to worry or run to salons to color them, instead find out ways to control the situation and come out of it by following some great hacks.

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